Monday 2 February 2015

Black Ink: Harari do the soul bump jive (1975)

Not long before an extended  tour of Swaziland and Rhodesia in 1976 where "The Beaters" become "Harari", Selby Ntuli, Alec Khaoli and Sipho Mabuse pulled together this above-average once-off soul-bump-jive recording.

Though responding to the huge mid-seventies public demand for bump-jive, the rock and soul roots of the Beaters are evident in five mellow but grooving tracks. The Beaters re-visited the bump-jive tradition with "Whats Happening" on their 1978 big-hit album "Harari" - which you can find here. You can also read more of "The Beaters" and the 1976 breakaway to form "Saitana", and hear that album here.

Sipho 'Hotstix' Mabuse's flute work floats melodically over unhurried base and rhythm riffs that invite you to put aside your worries and chill a little. In addition to the fore-fronted flute, the opening track, "Kugugsaothandayo" does feature some interesting snatches of vuvuzela-like interludes. "Bongo Bump" showcases guitar-led soul-rock influences, Enjoy!

1. Kugugaotahndayo (15:41)
2. Sipo's Joint (2:43)
3. Selby's Mood (5:01)
4. Our Children (2:49)
5. Bongo Bump (4:55)

Mediafire download here

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