Monday 8 December 2014

Hey Bra! (Bra Sello with Abafana Bentithuko)

Staying with the jive theme this December here we have another rare LP with a hot dose of
instrumental jive led by Bra Sello, a popular sax jive artist. He appeared alongside vocal artists
such as Mahlathini in a number of revue shows in mid seventies and cut a number of singles
on the CBS label. This compilation collects these sides together with other tunes from artists
on the CBS label. 

Bra Sello with Abafana Bentuthuko Vol 1 (CBS LAB4006, c1972)
01 16-0-16 :: Bra Sello
02 Tycoons No 8 :: Bra Sello
03 Mr Music :: The Big Four
04 Can't Be Still No 2 :: CBS Al Stars
05 15-0-15 :: Bra Sello
06 Thashi Thashi :: The Big Four
07 17-0-17 :: Bra Sello
08 Down Town :: Bra Sello
09 Mthembu Nonzimande :: Abafana Bentuthuko
10 Siyanyawuka Nzimande :: Bra Sello
11 Boom Straat :: The Big Four
12 Jive American Jive No 1 :: Bra Sello

ENJOY: MF download


  1. Thanks Matt,this is great. What makes it even more fun is that I grew up in the Boomstraat.

  2. Eish! Another near miss for me, Matt. I already have this one from a friend in Athens. It features two additional numbers - 'Pretoria' and 'Soul Time Nzimande Go', probably optional add-ons from his collection. I am watching this space like a hawk for more Bra Sello/Abafana Bentuthuko killer tunes that I vividly remember from back in the day when, as I was growing up, I imagined such music sound was the sole preserve of the black ghetto in apartheid SA. Please keep 'em rollin' in! Lying buried somewhere must certainly be a Vol 2, Vol 3 ...and more.

  3. Thank you for this music. My dad is going to love it when i play it.


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