Thursday 11 September 2014

Mpharanyana & the Peddlers: Hela Ngwanana (1979)

 This album - it seems - is the last one ever recorded by Jacob "Mpharanyana" Radebe. The back cover suggests it was recorded on 27th August 1979. The LP label indicates a publication date of 3rd September 1979.

Bakithi Kumalo's bass drives and holds this slickly-produced album tightly together. (he played Graceland for Paul Simon, as well as for Herbie Hancock, Glora Estafan, Cyndi Lauper, and Harry Belafonte). Another top-drawer contributor is lead guitarist Themba Mokoena, who graces Dick Khoza's "Chapita", and features his own album on Electric Jive here. Mokoena composes two of the tracks: Maseru, and Mme Ma Tsediso.

Also among the composers are Teaspoon Ndelu (two tracks) and the producer, West Nkosi (five tracks) - all of which traverse the comfortable space between soul, disco and a touch of mbaqanga through Kumalo's adverturous bass.

Backing the "Soul Man" are a stellar line-up in The Peddlers:
Mac Mathunjwa: Keyboard
Themba Mokoena: Lead Guitar
Bakithi Kumalo: Bass Guitar
Godfrey Mcina: Drums
Elijah Kumalo: Rhythm Guitar
Mduduzi Magwaza: Alto Sax
Freeman Lambata: Tenor Sax
Tex Nduluka: Trumpet
Additional Voices: Sandra Senne, Catherine Dumakude, Joanna Thango, Helen Mosolodi.

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  1. Hello Chris,
    I've seen Mduduzi Sydney Magwaza last year in France. He was playing the alto saxophone with Madala Kunene in September 2013 near Paris. I've spent a marvelous time speaking with him and Madala before seeing Madala for an interview in his home (Durban), in the very last March.
    Best, Olivier

  2. Thanks a lot for this fine soul music I grew up listening to it to my uncle's grammophone in the early 80's

  3. Love this album. Reminds me of Walter and the Beggers, which is one of the most joyful records i ever picked up here!

  4. where can I get it , I would love to buy, one of the best vocalist is my father Freeman Lambata


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