Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Disco-soul grooves from WIllie and Paul (1982)

More than three hundred and fifty entries and five years later, it seems that Electric Jive still has some energy and no shortage of out of print gems to revive and archive.

Willie Motala and Paul Hlatshwayo's strong voices have featured previously on the second most popular post ever on Electric Jive: "Disco Soul: 20 Grooves from the 1970s". This album shared today showcases an 80s slickness in production with a lively blending of soul, disco and mbaqanga.

Your comments and feedback have played a big role in keeping all four of us going in those "run out of inspiration, time and energy" moments.

It is fascinating for me to understand who around the world is interested in the music we share on this blog. Of course, internet access and population size do have a big influence in creating the patterns. It should be no surprise that 27% of all visits are from the USA where 267 million people (84.2% of  317 million) use the internet.

Joint second at 10.5% each are South Africa and the UK. Electric Jive's South African audience is the fastest growing, with 13 percent of all page views in the last month.. Only 25 million (48.9% of 51 million)  South Africans use the internet (compared to USA's 267 million). Looking at all the other countries' numbers, relatively speaking, South Africa has the highest proportion of its population that visits Electric Jive.

What does surprise me though, is Colombia which has the eighth most visitors to this blog. Colombia's population (47 million) and internet penetration rate  (51.7%) are very similar to South Africa's numbers. Electric Jive's friends like Fabian Althoma in Barranquilla still have strong African roots in their musical preferences. Check out Fabian's blog Africolombia here. You can read a fascinating  photo-essay on. Barranquilla's sound-system culture here.

Ten countries make up sixty-five percent of visitors to EJ. The other thirty five percent is spread very widely across the globe:

1. USA  27%
2. UK 10.5%
3. RSA 10.5%
4. France 6%
5. Germany 4%
6. Belgium 2%
7. Netherlands 1.25%
8. Colombia 1.25%
9. Italy 1%
10. Russia 1%

This album: Produced by Tom Vuma. Engineer: Philip Nel. His Masters Voice - JPL (E) 4012.

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  1. No shortage of ravenous pleasure-taking from this reader, I can assure you. The past five years of visiting and availing myself of the treasures on offer here have truly been a golden age in what, for me, has been a lifetime of musical discovery. I am forever in debt to the spectacular generosity of the EJ team. Thank you all!

  2. Proud and happy to be one of the UK's 10.5%! Such great, great music I've found here, with grateful thanks to the team. Just downloaded the Sound Proofs' 'After Me' - the wonderful sounds just keep coming.

  3. What can one say about Norway - am I the only one??

  4. Now that's singing--great to hear this album. Thanks for posting

  5. Maaaaaany many thanks for all great stuff in your blog.
    Amazing, fantastic and wonderful music!!!

    Big hugs from Madrid, sPAIN.



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