Monday 17 March 2014

EJ's Awesome Tapes: Senyaka's Ma-Gents (1993)

Given the recent official release of Penny Penny's Shaka Bundu by Awesome Tapes from Africa I couldn't resist posting this tape by Senyaka. The title tune was a massive hit for Senyaka and could be heard all over the airwaves, taxi's and shebeens back in 1993.

Senyaka's 1986 track African Rap was a forerunner of the then nascent genre Kwaito. Sometimes the ideas were better than the execution, however with this release he sealed his position in kwaito folklore with Ma-Gents, a massive "diss" tune - aimed at Brenda Fassie and her drug habit. You can hear Brenda's partial response on this youtube clip

Senyaka went to to collaborate with a number of kwaito artists including Kamazu whose track Korobela also struck big. As the Hunger Boyz, Senyaka and Kamazu had a further hit with the controversial but topical Fong Kong - a commentary on cheap Chinese goods being dumped into the South African market. Fong Kong has now entered the South African lexicon to mean anything fake.
Senyaka - Ma-Gents (BMG L4 BSP Cassette, 1993)
1. Ma-Gents
2. Bayanyoyoba
3. Kumakhaza
4. Groove
5. Bhek'indaba Zakho
6. Mercy
7. Dali'wami
8. Ma-Gents Dub Mix


  1. Although I am more into jazz, Kwaito and Di-Gong from Zimbabwe always drew my attention.Nice that this music also appears on your blog.
    Thanks again. One problem this music always makes me wonder what our family is doing in Europe. At least we feel nearer to home thanks to your blog.Keep it up pleeze/ If you can get a bit of Di-Gong or other zim stuff...I beg you

  2. This is dope, I need this tape! I only have one song from there but added it to my early Kwaito mix on youtube:


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