Sunday 28 April 2013

The Raiders Go Latin: Guitars A Go-Go (1967)

While we are on a roll, here is another for the archive, and for fans of Durban's 60s and 70s dance bands to come back to enjoy in their own time. In response to the many comments on a previous posting of The Raiders, as well as e-mail requests for more,  here is their first LP. This 1967 record was the first to be released by the Raj label.

From comments to the previous post it seems that key members of the Raiders are still alive and there are fans out there who are asking for a reunion gig. Sebastian reports that his Dad, who was the Raiders' drummer. still plays regularly. 

The track Chez Gaye Special is described as a kwela, and is credited to The El Ricas, another legendary Durban dance band who went on to record on the Troubadour label. Enjoy!

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  1. Chris, the El-Ricas also recorded for Rashid Vally on his Soultown label!

  2. Thank You! Super ! I'm very happy !Please another instrumentals from this groups!(and similars other).All to best!


  4. Hi I am learning to play guitar and would like to get hold of the the TABS to The Raiders music.

    Robby 083 327 1926

  5. If there is a Raiders Revival... I would really like to know about it.

    1. Danny Harris who was one of the founder members and lead guitarist will appear at the Battle of the Bands at Sibaya ( 17 - 19 October )

  6. My my my growing up in Durban
    and listerning to the Raiders
    music in the 80'ts was something to behold.Bring back a reunion i will
    travel all the way from Australia
    for this gig

  7. Можно ли востановить Файл?


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