Monday 5 November 2012

Lerato (c1980)

Lerato (Sesotho for love) was a short-lived trio comprising Steve Woycieh (drums and percussion), Wally Fry (lead vocals) and Vuli Yeni (bass, saxophone and vocals). It's probably best filed under South African "cross-over", next to Izimpande or even Juluka. But still worth a listen even if the rock drumming accentuates the 4/4 timing a little too strong and leaves little space for the rhythm to breathe. Midst the moustache, pastels and dungarees it's the Rhodes piano that draws my eye. The Rhodes was invented by Harold Rhodes in the 1950s and was used extensively during the 1970s until digital synthesisers took prominence in the middle 1980s. But it's been back in fashion with a number of artists including Air, Radiohead, Portishead, Erykah Badu and Jamiroquai. Vuli Yeni went on to play in Lucky Dube's backing band on saxophone. Wally Fry started Fry's Vegetarian in 1990, a company that manufactures meat substitute food products. Steve Woycieh moved to Canada.

Enjoy the love!

Lerato (ATH 4053, c1980)
1. Izinkukhu
2. Stonky No Nungade
3. Isele-sele
4. Uphi Usandile
5. Sizoxabana
6. Lerato
7. Amanzi
8. Inhlupheko



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