Monday 10 September 2012

Zambia '64 Soundtrack

Something a little different this week! An A-Z of Independence optimism in Zambia that features one track from Baba Gaston, the Congolese band leader who became very popular in East Africa. See more about him at MUZIKIFAN. The other tracks, whilst interesting, are of historic rather than musical interest.

The following text all from the original sleeve notes:
"Zambia '64 is a new colour film made by the Anglo American Corporation of Central Africa as a contribution to the country's Independence Celebrations. The world premiere was held in Lusaka on October 23, 1964, at the 20th Century Cinema. The film is an essentially human impression of a country and its people. To recreate this impression on scene all scenes, from sophisticated hotel to remote village hut, were photographed in actuality. Acting, where called for, was achieved in all cases by local people. In a country the size of Zambia the making of a film of this type is something of an achievement. To obtain the filmic material the unit involved on this production traversed the country several times by road and air and logged up some 15, 000 miles. The music for Zambia '64 was written by Alick Nkhata. The Nkhata Band play the incidental music. Baba Gaston and his band composed and play "Yarroo" while Bartholomew Bwalya and his band are responsible for the political song.

Various Artists - Zambia '64: Original Soundtrack Recording (JCLP10044
1. Intro to Africa/Makishi Dancing
2. Birth/Angoni Dancing
3. Copper and Death - Alick Nkhata's Band
4. Education and Food - Alick Nkhata's Band
5. Game, Health, Independence, Josephine, Kaunda, Lusaka and Marriage - Alick Nkhata's Band
6. News, Overseas and Politics
7. Quartet - Bartholomew Bwalya
8. Relaxing/Yarroo - Baba Gaston's Band
9. Subsistance - Alick Nkhata's Band
10. Twist and Unemployment
11. Victoria Falls and Water - Alick Nkhata's Band
12. X-Roads, Youth and Zambia - Alick Nkhata's Band
13. Makishi Dancing, Zambia National Anthem

"Alick Nkhata who was born in 1922, hails from a musical family and became interested in music at an early stage. In 1948, Alick Nkhata received a government scholarship to study African Music in South Africa. A few years later he joined the Central African Broadcasting Service and established his well know Quartet. In 1962 he was assigned to the "Voice of America" to study external service broadcasting organisation and, whilst in the United States he appeared on television in Washington singing African songs. He returned to Lusaka in 1963 and now holds the position of Assistant Director of the Zambia Broadcasting Corporation. Baba Gaston aged 28 years, began his musical career at the age of 11 years with a church choir. His first professional job was in a night club in Elizabethville. In 1960 he moved to Lusaka, where he formed his own band playing mainly Congolese rhythm type of music. He has now formed a second band which plays at the sophisticated Ridgeway Hotel in Lusaka.Bartholomew Bwalya comes from the Luapula Province and decided to take up the guitar after seeing a film. He is renowned in Zambia for his vast knowledge of folk music.

Zambia '64 Film Production
Written and Directed by Richard Taylor
Director of Photography Peter Jessop
Assisted by David Gleason
Production manager Clive Serrarier
Editor Rod Barber
Sound Engineer Tom Hodgkinson
Second Unit Cameramen Ian McMillan, Glyn Harris
Assistance Cameraman Nelson Chisala
Continuity Diana Dehrman
Production Assistants Peter Young, Jane Martin



  1. Thanks so much for your blog! I am doing some research on some events that happened at independence. Could you advise where I could get a copy of this album?

  2. I'm not sure you will find a copy of this album easily. But it is still available of digital download at this site.

  3. Hi could you possibly help locating this album?

  4. Hi could you possibly help locating this??

  5. Have I missed this. Where can I find digital copy?


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