Sunday 5 August 2012

The Brothers - Khwezi Station No.7 (1976)

Today I am having a lazy afternoon watching the sunset over Johannesburg and listening to The Brothers perform Khwezi Station No.7. This is one of those albums that has sat on my "current" record shelf in a stash of interesting items for the better part of two years.

This great 1976 recording features four extended up-tempo tracks produced by David Thekwane that most definitely come out of the bump jive tradition. Certainly the opening track, Special Job, has glimpses of Abdullah Ibrahim's 1974 classic Mannenburg.

It is not clear to me whether The Brothers have any relation to the later group of the same name featuring Tete Mbambisa, Duke Makasi and Victor Ntoni, that recorded for Rashid Vally's Roots label fourteen years later in 1990. Having not heard the later I can't say, but if you recognize a connection drop us a line.

Put this album in your car... this is great road music!

Khwezi Station No.7
Up Up Up
UPL 5012

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