Monday 18 June 2012

Pacific Express - Black Fire (1976)

Pacific Express's debut album Black Fire was recorded in October 1976 and pays passing reference to the struggle against apartheid. More often associated with themes not directly political the band were often called Cape Town's answer to Earth Wind and Fire. Formed in the 1960s by bass player Paul Abrahams and guitarist Issy Ariefdien (both previously in a soul band called the Pacifics), the band took on a new direction when in 1975 Chris Schilder joined.The band became a training ground for many young jazz performers from the Cape Flats. Players included Basil Coetzee, Robbie Jansen, Jonathan Butler, Barney Rachabane, Stompie Manana, and others. Previously at electricjive we have featured the album Expressions but we have yet to uncover their third LP On Time.

Pacific Express - Black Fire (EMCK (L) 11528
1. Brother
2. Feelings (Deep in Your Heart)
3. Sky Ride II
4. Heaven (I've Found in You)
5. Black Fire
6. You're Everything
7. Love Your Baby RIght
8. Wind Song
Bonus (Afrika Underground 12"):
9. The Way it Used to Be (Misa Negra mix)
10. The Way It Used to Be (Misa Beats)
11. The Way It Used to Be (Original)
12. Black Fire
Robbie Jansen (Trumpet, Alto Sax, Flute and Lead Vocals), Issy Ariefdien (Guitar and Vocals), Basil Manenberg Coetzee (Tenor Sax and Flute), Chris Schilder (Fender Rhodes electric piano(, Jack Mompie (Drums), Zane Adams (Lead Vocals and Percussion), Paul Abrahams (Bass Guitar and Vocals). Produced, arranged and composed by Chris Schilder.

Various CD anthologies of Pacific Express are available. Try here.


  1. Any ideas where I an find a copy of Black Fire?

  2. Very difficult and pricey to find in good condition. Try Kevin at Record Mad in Joburg

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  4. Will seee what we can do Grandmaster_Groove

  5. Hi Matt & Chris, any chance we can get the re-issue here in RSA?

  6. Hi Mpumi
    The Matsuli Music reissue of this is available at all good independent record stores in SA, for sure in Durban (Khaya Records), Cape Town (voomVoom) and Jhbg (Record Mad). I hope you find it


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