Friday 22 July 2011

South African Jazz 78rpm Mix

A delicious salad of 50s and 60s South African jazz lovingly digitised from 78rpm records and tossed into one continuous mix for your enjoyment. Quite a few of these records were found in a pile of  78s I picked up in Port Elizabeth at the end of last year. Port Elizabeth and surrounds are well represented by the P.E. Sisters, The Gaiety Brothers and the Merry Basies. The Ritz Band of P.E. did not make it this time round. among the 23 tracks there is a sprinkle of marabi, bop, vocal harmonies and jive. Durban is represented by Herb Manana and His Gals, along with Betty Khoza and friends; you will also enjoy a dash of early Masekela with the  Father Huddlestone Band, and a hidden juicy offering from Chris McGregor and His Blue Notes. Enjoy!
1. City Jazz Nine: Boogie Parts 1 & 2 - I. Nkosi (HMV)
2. Jake's Nu 8: Phazama - Williams (Troubador)
3. The Hometown Sextet: Mamelodi
4.  David Thekwane & Co: String Bass Taps. Thekwane (Envee)
5. Herb and His Gals: We Nobadula. Gideon Nxumalo (Envee)
6.  Chris McGregor and His Blue Notes - German Luger - Dudu Pukwana (Winner)
7.  P.E. Sisters: I-Bayi. M. Smandla (Colombia)
8.  The Merry Basies: Iziyolo. Lent Maqoma (Troubador)
9. The Third Avenue Cellars:  Ka Marao. A.S. Namethe (Merritone Big Beat)
10.  Jake's Nu 8: Molo Molo. Williams (Troubador)
11.  Father Huddlestone Band with Hugh Masekela: Vandi Blues. (Gallotone Jive Jive)
12. P.E. Sisters: U-Xham. R. Bopape (Colombia)
13. Father Huddlestone Band with Hugh Masekela: Mfishane. (Gallotone Jive Jive)
14. Elite Swingsters: Take it Easy. (Up - 45rpm)
15. Elite Swingsters: Soul Blues (Up - 45rpm)
16.  Elijah's Rhythm Kings: Dyke. E. Nkwonyane (HMV)
17.  Jazz Mikinikini. Isimanje Manje S. Piliso (Motella)
18. Miriam Sibisi and the Can Can Stars: Phazamisa.  M.Sibisi (Gallotone)
19. Betty Khoza, Khosie Bayeni, Nellie Shabalala, Tiny Gumede. Ngiyeke Ngiqome. Kosipi Bayeni (Envee)
20. Gaiety Brothers. Amakhanga E - Gaiety. Gaiety Brothers (Gallotone Xhosa Jive)
21. Manhattan Brothers. Baby Ntsoare.  Trad. (Gallotone Jive Jive)
22. Manhattan Brothers. LakuTshoni 'Langa. Mackay Davashe. (Gallotone Jive Jive)
23. Herb & His Gals. Ungishiyile. H. Manana (Envee)

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  1. This is hugely appreciated. Wonderful.

  2. Wow! Uknown Chris McGregor/Blue Notes material! Composed by Dudu Pukwana! Holy crap! Where did that come from?

    Just did some googling and noticed this BN track and another (I assume the flip side of the same shellac 78) are up there, but still very little detail. What's the story, pray tell?


  3. A little bird has just told me there are SIX C McG / BN tracks recently surfaced from those sessions.

    Are you kidding me? This is FANTASTIC!

  4. thanks to all involved in sharing this.
    Bit like getting an ol'fashioned mixed tape! A lovely thought but frustating in that I can't easily dip into it to focus on and enjoy my favourite bits....None the less great to access music I might not have heard otherwise. Thanks !

  5. Splendid! Looking forward to listening, thanks!

  6. Thanks for all the comments. Re: the "mixtape" route, I understand the preference for individual tracks - I have noticed that someone has lifted 50s music that electricjive has shared and re-packaged it for sale at various 'reputable' download sites - being older than fifty years old, there is tenuous claim to original rights that may have existed. Informed by our own motives in sharing, I decided to respond by misixng the music up a bit. I do not feel great about someone freeloading, and making money from some rare records that I have paid good money for, and then taken time and trouble to digitise and share. I hope you understand. Best wishes. Chris Albertyn

  7. wow! thanks very much, this is tremendous. owen, any chance the bird might point to a link? cheers, mb

  8. Re the C McG / BB 1963 sessions - As far as I know my "little bird" doesn't have the tracks (just verified information that they exist), and the other four have not leaked online to my knowledge. So no link will be coming from this source of info.

  9. thanks owen for the reply. two of the tracks can be downloaded, but i was hoping for the rest. i can't get enough of the early mcgregor sound, so ebullient & crisp!

    cheers, mb

    Direct download links:

  10. thank you for this GREAT post, a perfect soundtrack for our holiday in Pantelleria!
    Bra Robs

  11. @chris
    I really appreciate your response re the mix issue ....kind of makes sense of leaving comments to be able to enjoy open dialogue .
    Ok well, all I can say is that I now understand your reasoning better (and irritation and frustration!) and apologise if I sounded churlish or picky.
    Truth is I have save downloaded and enjoyed several of the posts saving many tracks and deleting a few that I did not enjoy quite as much as others but still VERY grateful for the exposure. All in the spirit of this blog I hope. Much of the accompanying wordage has broadened my knowledge and increased my interest. Thanks a million!

  12. We are only too happy to get comments and feedback, even if you feel it might be critical - no 'pickiness or churlishness' felt on this end :-). Thanks for the support in spreading the good music and ensuring it does not become lost.

    And Bra Robs - enjoy your holiday!

  13. Absolutely great post and mix! Solves my next jazz radio program cue. Thanks, Chris.

  14. Brilliant...!
    A damn GREAT mix...!

    I'm absolutely treasuring these township-to-metro rarities, and in my book, anything by the early MacGregor Blue Notes is a real precious bonus.

    My compliments and my Thanks for all the hard work involved in collecting and sharing these.

  15. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement escomambo. Be sure to stay tuned - there are some nice surprises in store this year .. including a sound-desk recording of the last Chris McGregor/Blue Notes concert that took place in South Africa before they left the country


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