Thursday 3 March 2011

Township Super Soul - Bump Jive Number Six

More great news: ElectricJive has convinced Francis Gooding - professional archivist, vinyl collector and  co-compiler and researcher of Strut's fantastic 2010 "Next Stop Soweto" series - to join our blog team. Welcome Fin!

Today's post picks up on a golden thread running through ElectricJive. Herewith the Movers’ ‘Bump Jive Number Six’ album with the title track in all of its 12:48 minutes glory. We previously shared the shortened 45rpm version, with its special MC call-outs in introducing the band, on the Jo’Burg Love Trip mix.

Swirling groovy keyboard riffs and runs from Sankie Jacob Chounyane define this infectious sound – supported by two lead guitars and a rock-solid rhythm section. It would be fair to call them South Africa’s answer to Jimmy Smith and Booker T Jones rolled into one. But these are not just imitations, there is still very much that is African and original in this music.

In terms of date of publication, this album immediately follows Bump Jive (CYL 1030) that flatint shared on this blog in January. A Movers discography can be found here at flatint

1. Bump Jive No.6 (12:48)
2. Crying Child (5:15)
3. Big Time (6:50)

Produced by David Thekwane
CYL1031 City Special (1975)

There are two bonus 45rpm downloads for Movers fans:

CYB115 (1971)
1. Hey Jude
2. Let Her Go

RCB174 (1977)
1. Mama Liza
2. She Loves You


Bump Jive No.6
Rapidshare here
Mediafire here
Bonus 45rpm 1971
Rapidshare here
Mediafire here
Bonus 45rpm 1977
Rapidshare here
Mediafire here


  1. Hi! I keep forgetting to say "thank-you". I appreciate the ability you give me to discover new artists...and entire genres. Thank-you again ;^D

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  3. Thank you for sharing these resources @ one place ! I have downloaded all of them.


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