Sunday 12 December 2010

Keep on Moving

A very special treat today of what was know as Soweto Soul, inspired by the likes of Brooker T & the MGs, Richard Groove Holmes and Jimmy Smith amongst others. In a career that lasted over ten years the Movers were incredible prolific and managed to straddle this early Soweto Soul genre, to bump jive, jazz and then disco. Their take on Abdullah Ibrahim's Mannenberg is an interesting excursion which we will share with you shortly.

About last June, The Soul Group now know as "The Movers" was formed in Alexandra by Kenneth Siphayi (know to this friends as Kenny). This is how it happened - a youngester called Oupa Hlongwane and his brother Norman (both guitarists) approached Kenny. They got together with drummer, Sam Thabo, and Kenny's friend Sankie Chonuyane the organist ... and now we have the successful sound of "The Movers". Shortly after launching of the spaceship "Apollo 11" the group recorded the hit single "Apollo 14", and so great became the demand for their records that top hits were collected into a great LP - "Movers Greatest Hits". Since then there has been a clamour for more "Movers" - and now - "Movers Greatest Hits Volume 2".- from the original liner notes.

The Movers - Greatest Hits Vol 2 (CYL 1004, 1970)
1. Back From the Moon
2. Love Me Not
3. The Best of Away
4. Toasted Chops
5. Mountain Breeze
6. Slow Down
7. Soul Crazy
8. Norman's Road
9. Lets Have It
10. Move for More
11. Crying Guitar
12. Beat Corner

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