Sunday 5 September 2010

Tower Special

Herewith a great compilation LP of singles produced by David Thekwane. The stand out track is Bump Jive No 6, where a slow build up introduces all members of the legendary group The Movers. Otherwise more bump, soul and groove from the mid seventies.

The Tower is in question is the Hillbrow Tower, which at 260m it is the tallest structure on the African Continent. Work began on the tower in June 1968 and was completed in April 1971. It was closed in 1981 for "security" reasons but before that it was one of the biggest tourist attractions in Johannesburg with six public floors at the top housing a revolving restaurant (Heinrich's) and another non-rotating restaurant simply known as the Grill Room. As with many other public attractions during the height of apartheid entry was restricted to those classified as white.

Tower Special - Various Artists (Love Love, LVL2002, 1975)
1. Tower Special Part 1 - The Big Brothers
2. Tower Special Part 2 - The Big Brothers
3. Dimakatso - The Black Five
4. Lady Soul Part 1 - The Big Brothers
5. Lady Soul Part 2 - The Big Brothers
6. Baby Its Late - The Soul Throbs
7. Bump Jive No 6 Part 1 - The Movers
8. Bump Jive No 6 Part 2 - The Movers
9. Change My Love Part 1 - The Movers
10. Change My Love Part 2 - The Movers
11. Believe I Love You - The Soul Throbs
12. Dekeledi - The Black Five
Produced by David Thekwane



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