Friday 3 September 2010

Beer makes us randy – say Mahlatini and Amaswazi Emvelo (1985)

Amaswazi Emvelo were perhaps the last “greats” to come out of the famous Mavuthela mbaqanga stable. Led by Meshack Mkwananzi, this SiSwati vocal group features on all the great 80s international compilation albums – including on all three volumes of “The Indestructible Beat of Soweto”.

After their eigth album, Mahlatini Nkabinde approached Amaswazi in the mid 1980s and together they produced two highly successful collaborations. Today’s offering is from 1985.

Here at Electric Jive we are mindful not to share music that can still be legitimately purchased. In this case we are making a small exception with good reason. “Get these while you can.”

Before he “left” or “retired” as Gallo Music’s archivist, Rob Allingham did a great job in re-mastering and re-issuing a heap of important South African music on CD. In the case of Amaswazi Emvelo, Rob did the "right thing" in re-issuing ten Amaswazi Emvelo albums onto CD.

This is a heads up to those of you who love this music – you can still buy these albums from Kalahari at really low prices – ZAR 39.85 (less than $6 U.S.) – have a look here.
Amaswazi Emvelo & Mahlatini - Utshwala Begazati BL509

Recorded on 27th June 1985. Produced by West Nkosi. Engineered by David Segal.

1. Utshwala Begazati (This beer makes me randy)
2. Musani Ukungithunuka (Don’t remind me of sensitive matters)
3. Siwuhambile Umhlaba (We have been all over the place)
4. Nkosi Yami Ngihawukele (My Lord, forgive me)
5. Shwele Shwele (Greetings / Apologies – done respectfully with waving hands – see cover)
6. Zangiluma Izinja (The dogs bit him)
7. I’Ndaba Zomndeni (Family News)
8. Mus’Ukudlala Ngomsebenzi (Don’t Play with your job)

Rapidshare download here
Mediafire download here (apologies for the incorrect link - it is now fixed)

Thanks to Gugu Mtolo for assistance with the translations.

As an added "SPRING" bonus – herewith a mix of eight songs from Amaswazi Emvelo seven singles, some of which will not be found on the Gallo re-issues.

1. Thul'Ulalele (Keep quiet and listen) XED4058 B (1980)
2. Thoko Udlalelani Ngo Jabu (Thoko why are you playing with Jabu?) XED 4090 (1982)
3. Kwa Mntanami Waya Waya (Our children are scattered) XED 4087 (1982)
4. Yebo Dlozi Yami (Yes to my traditions) XED 4058 B (1980)
5. Mkhuzeni (Stop him doing something wrong) (XED 4087 (1982)
6. Nantsi Lentombi (There's the girl) 4079 B (1982)
7. Sewuyahamba Uyangishiya (You are going and leaving me behind) XED 4079 A (1982)
8. Ukulunga Kwami (A good host) XED 4090 (1982)

Electric Jive Bonus Amaswazi Emvelo Mix
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  1. many thanks for this and others, and especially the history behind the music!

    wuod k

  2. Another graeat one, thanks! I don't know if you take requests, but just in case... you got Jabula's first album somewhere? ;)

  3. Requests always welcome Calumbinho. We have quite a few posts already lined up, but will make a plan to put the 1975 Jabula album in the queue - it would have been a good post recently in tribute to the passing of Busi (Vicky) Mhlongo - Chris

  4. Thank you for the rarities bonus. The little guy on the left, Sipho Madondo (R.I.P.) later played rhythm guitar with Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens on their first few tours overseas in the 80's, and he was one of the nicest gentleman I have ever known and with the sweetest high voice on the first bonus track.

  5. Is it just me or are the links for Utshwala Begazati BL509 two different albums?

  6. yikes Kopie! it is not just you .. seems more than 100 people have happily downloaded a post scheduled for next week (Music was Born in Africa - 1956 compilation) ... my apologies for the glitch ... an occupational hazard when the day job becomes too busy to pay the blog proper attention - the mediafire link is now corrected .. Chris

  7. Do you have a MediaFire link for the Mahlathini & Amaswazi Emvelo album You're Telling Tales (1990)? Awesome blog! Keep up the great work!


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