Tuesday 5 October 2010

More Sounds of Africa

We seem to keep uncovering these compilations made for European homes (local and overseas). The cover imagery here is at least one step removed from the usual curios and animal pictures. So we get a bit of mysticism crossing into the psychedelic. As for the sounds its a mix of rock solid urban mbaqanga jive, Soweto soul and bump groove. Enjoy!

Sounds of Africa (Trutone, TBL2, 1969)
1. Soul in my Boots - Soul Prophets
2. The Real McKay - The SOul Prophets
3. Inkomo Zam - The Sweet Sixteens
4. Lendoda - The Sweet Sixteens
5. mahunt - Ismael Mbelu
6. Go man - Ismael Mbelu
7. Khuluma Njalo - The Paper Dolls
8. Eswazini - The Paper Dolls
9. Long Time No See - Boogies
10. Somandla - The Aweet Sixteens
11. Easy Going - Israel Mabena
12. Mbuzi Mbuzi - The Sweet Sixteens


  1. I really enjoyed this. Soul in My Boots has been playing on heavy rotation on my iPod.

  2. would love a re-up of this...


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