Sunday 30 May 2010

Lets Go to Orlando Stadium (Laduma pt 2)

Celebrating the all conquering Orlando Pirates side that lifted the Mainstay Cup, the Benson and Hedges, Sales House Champ of Champs and BP Top Eight trophies back in the eighties. Can you pick out any of the following big names: Eric Chippa Chauke, Jomo Troublemaker Sono, Webster City Late Ditchaba, Johannes Staff Nurse Kholwane, Andy Jesus Karajinski, George Harare Makhubela, Toy Digger Jazz Ramosa, Sparks Kamuzu Banda, Phil Jones Setshedi, Chilli Boy Keo Shebile Kaloba and Yster Ntsimbi Khomane. A slow paced afro-synth and syn drums work-out courtesy of Condry Ziqubu and production from Mr Tom Vuma.


  1. Man at the time that the song was released, as the cover picture says, it was a much latter generation genre of players. Jomo had already bought Highlands Park and called it Cosmos. The players in the picture include players like Metrobitz Sithole, Chippa Chauke, Sparks Banda, Ace Khuze, Mario Varass, Lastborn Makroti, Bazooka Sishweni, and Killer Mkwanazi. But the music was good. Though as Baccanneer I aways though that the Winners song for Chief was a better song musically.

  2. Yeah that's great this guys have done a lot and they deserve our support.

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  4. Philani MadonselaWednesday, April 06, 2016

    Where can i get this album now?


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