Monday 15 February 2010

Global Grooves on SA Radio and streaming

Its great to see growing South African horizons and interest in music from around the world. Another streaming and radio destination worth noting - especially for Cape Town readers, but also for curious web-streaming listeners. From Fine Music Radio (FMR 101.3) in Cape Town, this monthly programme brings you an eclectic mix of music from around the world presented by Chris Wildman and compiled by Paul Whelan.

"We dont want to pigeonhole the music we attempt to cover, but here are some broad categories: modern sounds from Africa, vintage recordings from around world especially West and Central Africa and Ethiopia, global fusion, Central Asian music, Americana, British folk revival from its roots to its current flowerings, Scandinavian folk."

The programme airs this month on the 17th February, 22h00 to 24h00 South African time, FM 101.3 in the Cape Town area. You can live stream it anywhere from: here (
"Other presenters spin music from around the world in same time slot on Wednesdays".

As concerns ElectricJive - some long lost cold castle jazz brewing up very soon.

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