Thursday 14 January 2010

Jiving Two Times with The Queue Sisters

Sharp on the heels of Izinthombi Zesi Manje Mange and the Space Queens comes another dose of electric jive. This time from the Queue Sisters. Kwa Nobamba is an area close to the Zulu Royal Kraal at Ulundi and the cover image gives prominence to the beer pot, an item then found in every Zulu household and symbolic both as a receptacle of heritage and of a spirit of togetherness.

The Queue Sisters - Kwa Nobamba (Number One 9043, 1975)
1. Kwa-Khahya Ezani
2. Ethembeni
3. Kwala Mangihambe
4. Uphetheni
5. Kwa Nobamba
6. Tshitshi Lami
7. Mamazane
8. Ziya Sengwa
9. Isisho Sabadala
10. Bhande Lami
11. Ayinganga Mlomo
12. Vuma Mngoma
Producer unknown


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  2. This has some great stuff on it, much better than the previous posting which is very second-rate, IMO.
    Thank you for the gift!


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