Saturday 28 November 2009

All aboard the Pacific Express

Cape Town's answer to Earth Wind and Fire with one of their sadly out of print LPs from the late seventies. They recorded three LPs - On Time, Expressions and Black Fire - which have been anthologised on two CD compilations put out by Mountain Records in Cape Town. The track "The Way It Used To Be" also appeared on the Africa Underground (Counterpoint Records) and African Disco (Nascente) compilations issued in Europe.

Pacific Express - Expressions (GULP903, 1979)
1. Look at the Smile
2. You've Got It All
3. Funky Sounds
4. Come True
5. Express
6. When I Think
7. What Is The Answer
8. Tired of Being Alone
9. What I Feel
10, She's Gone

Paul Abrahams (bass), Zayn Adams (vocals & percussion), Jonathan Butler (vocals & guitar), Tony Cedras (keyboards & trumpet), Jack Momple (drums & percussion). With guests: Barney Rachabane, Stompie Manana & Tully McCully. Recorded in Cape Town May-July 1979, produced by Tully McCully.


  1. You guys keep on dropping the goods.The reactivation of the Jazz Appreciation Society.Thanks for spreading these great Azanian sounds.They also featured on another Counterpoint release,Africa Underground Excursion EP-Misa Negra vs. Pacific Express.My favourite Express number must be Sky Ride 2.Keep it up !
    Greentings Koos

  2. Hey folks! I have been after this record for ages. What a find. Great music, great singing, great stuff all 'round. Thanks a bunch!

  3. Can you re-up this album please??

  4. Link has been updated Glenn - thanks for alerting us to it being down. Best wishes.


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