Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Kings Messengers Quartet: Lead Kindly Light (1973)

Many regular visitors to Electric Jive may be surprised to learn that a December 2009 posting on the King's Messengers Quartet is, by a significant margin, the most popular ever posting on this blog. There have been repeated requests among the 42 comments, and in e-mails, to the original posting for the album shared here today. 

I continue to receive regular e-mails from people all across Africa - Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania - expressing excitement at being able to re-connect with this music that was special to them many years ago.

This exceptional acapella quartet was founded by Billy Mahlalela at the Bethel College in 1954 in Butterworth (Transkei, Eastern Cape). This 1973 recording features tracks in English, Zulu and Sotho. You can find the original posting with five more KMQ recordings here.

Mediafire download here


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  2. This comment has also been removed by the author. It's a great big wide world.

  3. Hello! I have been following your great blog for many years, and i was wondering, where can i make requests? I know this is not the best spot, but i can't figure out how to contact you otherwise! I was hoping you could re-upload the music of Boy Masaka. He is a favorite of mine since you showed him to me years ago, and i have recently switched computers, and lost my music library in the process. Peace and great thanks!

  4. apologies for removing my comment above ... it was a bit rambling but I did not realise that it would leave a blank trace ! anyway was just looking recommend that those that enjoy this style to look at relatively recodings by Amaryoni.

  5. Never heard of this group before and approached it feeling very excited. But I've got to stand by Henri, the poster on 9 Dec 2009 - except I didn't find it boring but AMAZINGLY disappointing! If I listen to it again - extremely unlikely - I fully expect to be bored mindless.
    I'm astounded that a bunch of South African church singers should make music so completely without passion. A Welsh male voice choir (ANY of them) could teach them a thing or two about passion. I guess even a bunch of Dutchmen in an SA church could, too. But they've, on the face of it, picked up their approach to religion and its associated music from a bunch of Englishmen. Well, stap me vittles!

    Will I find any passion in any of the other five albums you've heroically posted? (Seriously, I'm glad you have, because it's obviously music that lots like, but it does seem to need a health warning.)


  6. Washington Sixolo's bass is brilliant on this album. The quality of the blending voices of this fine quartet is world class. Sixolo's son Lincoln make his debut on this album as 1st Tenor. The Kings Messengers at thjeir very best!!!!!!!!!

    1. The members of this beautiful album is ZOLANI LINCOLN SIXOLO (1st Tenor), VINCENT MVELASE (2nd Tenor), STEVEN MOTA (Baritone) and WASHINGTON SIXOLO (Bass). We still waiting for the albums IT'S NOT AN EASY ROAD and the other album where OH THE LAND I AM BOUND FOR was a track. Excellent acapella harmony.

  7. To understand the greatness of this music you must have lived in Africa. It comforts us in difficult times,makes us grateful in happy's more soulful and funky then you think.

  8. Goldberg you dont know Quartet music. Sorry to say.


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