Friday, 17 September 2010

Spokes Mashiyane's sax lays down mbaqanga roots

Part two of this one-two sees Spokes Mashiyane explore a wider range of possibilities with his saxophone in mapping out what was to become mbaqanga.

Play any South African the first few bars of 'Emafini", and no matter where they are, they will recognise the "source" – add in the the still jazz-rooted uptempo mbaqanga bassline, the ocassionally soloing rhythm guitar, and the essential ingredients are set.

So – how about it you good folk with old 78 recordings kicking around in your collections? Electric Jive would be very happy to make everybody happy by sharing them here?!

The 78rpm hisses on this recording have been "tidied up" with Click Repair.

Emafini - GB 2962
Pretoria - GB 2962

Rapidshare here
Mediafire here


donpiper said...

Thanks for sharing these great Spokes tracks.
BTW the mediafire link is to file from previous post, rapidshare is OK.


fortherecord said...

Thanks for the heads up donpiper - the mediafire link is now corrected - Chris

taro nombei said...

This too is great. I hadn't heard Spokes on sax. As you say, roots of mbaqanga. Thanks so much.
I've also linked to this:
best wishes from over here!

Puzzle said...

Overwhelmingly beautiful.

What is left to say, but

Thank you.

Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthank you.