Thursday 14 December 2017

Ngixolele: Forgive me

Amongst year-end reflections of gratitude and disappointment the question of forgiveness keeps coming back to me.  Those who seek it, those who give it, and those who cannot even ask because they will not admit their wrongs. South African imaginations are currently captured by political and corporate leaders who deny their own wrong-doing. 

I hope this will change – the truth will be found, and hope can be restored. Asking for forgiveness can be a happy and fulfilling experience. If it does not land you in prison – it can really make you dance!

Everyone of the seven tracks in this mix are asking for forgiveness (Ngixolele, or Ngiyaxolele) – from heartfelt 70s soul, via an unstoppable disco groove that will capture you, to labd amongst some irresistible mbaqanga to bribe you with involuntary movement. And, to round it off are the Mahotella Queens beautifully singing the traditional church hymn “Baba Ngixolele”. (Father forgive me).

I wish you happy holidays.

1. Ngixolele: The Movers (1978).
2. Ngixolele: The Hotella Stars (1978).
3. Ngixolele: Imitshotshovu (date uncertain – re-released on Earthworks Indestructible Beat of Soweto Vol. 5)          
4. Ngixolele Baba: Izintombe Zesi Manje Manje (1978).
5. Ngixolele Mngani: Izintombe Zesi Manje Manje (1978).
5. Ngixolelene: The Soul Brothers. (1978).
6. Ta Ta Ngixolele : The Mofolo Queens. 78rpm RCA 173
7. Baba Ngixolele: Mahotella Queens (1966) Church Hymn.

Download mp3 here


  1. Thanks mate Rik

  2. This is a fun listen, thank you.

  3. A poignant and perfect mix. Thank you!

  4. thank you :) could you please re-upload this one:

  5. Brilliant, thank you! Forgiveness is the key to happiness.

  6. The keyboard player on the first song on the Ngixolele list enjoying himself with The Real Thing's "You to me are everything".
    Certainly not a crime for a musician to enjoy another musician's music.

    1. Thanks Pascal for picking that up - it was kind of familiar but I could not place it. The key board player on Ngixolele is none other than Sankie Chounyane.

  7. Forgive me for not thanking you earlier.

  8. A fine theme and many tracks greatly enjoyed ....Thank you for another post: I don't come looking as often as I did and am always super excited to play the music if I find you have posted in the interum since my last visit! I remember that that one of reason might have been others lifting your posts for commercial gain but if you ever do find the time to separate the tracks I would be very grateful (and am sure there would be many others like me ... says he trying not to sound whiney and selfish!!)just because it allows me to save and replay the ones I really love. As ever: Thank you very much!

  9. Great article and thanks for your work.You made an article that is interesting.


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