Friday 11 November 2016

Stereo Festival of East Africa: (1977)

Kenyan visitors to Electric Jive rank right up there up at number nine in this blog’s all-time per-country hits, just ahead of Colombia at number ten. Now feels like a good time to celebrate some more of what current-day Kenyans call the “golden oldies” – the Congo-Kenya confluence back in 1976.

This somewhat strange compilation LP features an A side with sound effects recordings, and the B side a selection of five great tracks  associated somehow with the “African Conference Nairobi January 1976.”

If you are interested in learning more about Kenya’s rich musical history, there are some great blogs and archives out there. For starters try some of these: Doug Patterson’s East African Music page; Alistair Johnson’s Muzikifan;  and Tim Clifford’s KenTanza Vinyl.
1. Orchestre Simba Wanyika - Kijana Tushrikiane

2. Orchestre Super Volcano - Hasira Punguza

3. Orchestre Baba National - Kai Kai

4. Orchestre Mazembe - Nakokufa Pamba

5. Orchestre Apollo Komesha '71 - Mombasa Kuzuri
Download link: here


  1. There is another LP by sister company Phonogram that has these same songs as the A side and another 5 songs by the same groups (but for Mwito Africa instead of Apollo Komesha).


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