Monday 9 May 2016

Sporo: Nzimande All Stars (1977)

 Hamilton Nzimande's All Stars band were as strong and versatile as the Makghona Tsohle band, always at the top of their game no matter the genre. This time it is early South African disco, with their huge 1977 hit, Sporo Disco, strung out here to over 16 luxurious minutes.

The "B" side is not half bad either. "Breadwinner" will sound nearly familiar to those of you: "Breadwinner Part 2" has already been shared here. Another Sporo-inspired album by Thoams Phale can be found here. And more disco soul jive can be found here.

Siemon's Flatinternational site lists a further album, and also some background information.

Download here


  1. Thank you for the music, I love South African disco.
    The pretty girl on the cover seemed familiar to me, I understand why now, with the other post linked. It's sure that she makes her little effect ! ;-)
    Do we know who she is ?

    1. hi Steph - sorry, I have no information on who the model on the cover is

    2. Too bad, I just wanted to ask you her phone number :-)
      Anyway, keep up the good work.
      Best regards !

  2. Aha, proud to say I have this one! I've used it as a music bed on my WFMU radio show in the past. But it's handy to have the digital without doing it myself! Thanks very much for this, and for all the great music. Though I have found a few (like this one) over the years, old South African records don't turn up that much in my neck of the woods...

  3. Thanks Rob for the message and thanks. Great to have another WFMU DJ visiting our blog - Doug S used to be a very supportive and visible visitor.


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