Monday 27 April 2015

Joe Malinga's One for Dudu (1981)

My introduction to the warm sounds of Joe Malinga came in the early 1980s on an LP buying trip at Manhattan Records in Durban near Point Road by the seafront. Manhattan used to import directly from the UK so it was one of the few places you could find punk, post-punk, reggae, jazz and other "counter-cultural" musics. The LP I am sharing with you today - One for Dudu - was playing on the speakers and it hooked me big time. He dedicates the LP to Dudu and in his work you can hear the shared spirit although Joe is probably not as single minded about his solo's as Dudu. I couldn't believe that he was playing with European jazz musicians who had somehow grasped the sound. I took the LP home and have treasured it ever since. Later on in the 1980s whilst sitting out my time in London avoiding military service I used to visit Ray's Jazz Shop on Shaftsbury Avenue every week where there was a dedicated section for the Ogun releases and music from various other South African jazz exiles. I picked up Joe's other two LPs Sandile and Tears for the Children of Soweto. Later I completed the collection with the 1989 LP Vuka.

Today Joe Malinga is based in South Africa still nurturing musical talent and is based at the University of Venda. Sadly there is only one CD compilation of his material still in print. You can buy that here. Otherwise enjoy our small offering of this out of print classic and seek out the other records from his discography on eBay or Discogs.

Joe Malinga's Mandala feat. Clifford Thornton - Tears for the Children of Soweto (Canova 113, 1980)
Joe Malinga Quintet - One For Dudu (Meteor 32018, 1981)
Joe Malinga & Southern Africa Force - Sandile (Meteor 32034, 1983) 
Joe Malinga Southern Africa Force - Vuka (Planisphere PL 1267-43, 1989)

Joe Malinga Quintet - One For Dudu (Meteor 32018, 1981)
1. Kipit
2. Imbhali
3. Zadibana
Joe Malinga (as, perc), René Widmer (ts, oboe), Johnny Taylor (p), Hämi Hämmerli (b), Churchill Jolobe (dr)
Recorded Nov 7, 1981, Tonstudio Stroher, Innsbruck (Austria)



  1. My Oh My what a TASTY Offering. Kipit us just a sweet piece for an early Monday morning here in the U.S. Thanks for this great set. pburton

  2. great record dedicated to "the heaviest of the heaviest sax players". One for DUDU!!!
    Bra Robs

  3. Thrilled to have this. Thank you, Matt!

  4. I'm really enjoying this as well. Thank you!

  5. Many thanks for this gem !

  6. Many thanks - again! This is wonderful. I've known and loved 'Tears For The Children', but had only heard the one track from this one that was included in the 'In Exile' compilation on Electric Jive a few years ago. Great to hear the rest of it.

  7. Sounds great, and it reminds me of Dudu. Thanks for sharing with us. Would love to hear Pat Matshikiza & Kippie Moketsie - Tshona if any of you have it and are interested.


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