Wednesday 14 January 2015

The Bhundu Boys (1983)

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere the sun isn't shining too bright and so to remedy this situation the wonderful hopeful sounds of the Bhundu Boys from their debut LP from 1983. Personally I was in the UK to witness them riding a wave of popularity in so many pubs and clubs (I even worked as a roadie carrying their sound system at a gig in Fulham back in 1986). They were picked up by the label Diskafrique and later Warner and even supported Madonna at Wembley Stadium. But the story of what happened to the band is somewhat sad and reported in an interview with founding member Rise Kagona in the Guardian back in 2006.

But if its the music you want then sit back and enjoy some sunshine sounds.

The Bhundu Boys (Rugare 1000, 1983)

Download: Mediafire


  1. Thanks Matt. Lovely memories of just one of a string of great bands to come from Zim at this time, unfortunately the only ones who achieved some measure of success. I roadied for them in Aberdeen on their first tour. In fact I think all their fans lugged gear and helped the Boys on that first tour! Happy days...

  2. Dear Matt,
    Only a few days into 2015 and you've made my year already! A fantastic surprise for me - I've been collecting Zimbabwean music for some time now and not previously come across this debut album, so thanks a million. To return the gift, all fans of Zim music will want the following two gigs with links kindly renewed recently by Sergeant:

    I'd be happy to contribute out-of-print or public recordings from my Zim archive to the blog if you'd like - more Four Brothers, Mapfumo, Chibadura etc - just leave me a comment here if you'd like that.

    Thanks again for the ray of sunshine, cheers Dave Sez.

  3. And a ray of sunshine in this grim climate it is!

    Now that I have had time to check my Zim archive, the obvious jewel in the crown - a full Bhundu Boys UK gig in 1987 and all their Peel sessions in FLAC - is surprisingly still live (FileFactory links) at Go get, you won't regret! And drop me a comment here if you'd like more radio sessions from John Chibadura, the Four Brothers and Thomas Mapfumo .... cheers, Dave Sez.

    PS: A thoughtful personal account by a Zimbabwean music journalist about the Bhundu Boys is here:

    His entire blog is worth reading - a second Prof. Fred Zindi indeed, with detailed knowledge of the Zimbabwean music scene and not afraid of controversy - see and

    The author also runs the useful lyrics site

    1. Dear Dave
      Great stuff from the Bhundu Boys though I only managed to download CD1 from the FileFactory links (songs 1-13). The other link comes out as a repetition of the other. Would love more radio sessions from Zimbabwe, thanks.

    2. Dear anonymous,

      Glad you liked at least the first CD offered by archivevibes - strange you found the second link was identical as it is not the same size .... as for more radio sessions from Zim, happy to help but I'd like to hear in the comments here from Matt or one of the EJ hosts first to see if it's OK ... cheers, Dave Sez.

    3. Anonymous, my bad, you meant the guitar101 post .... I have the proper Vol 2 if Matt or the other EJ hosts would like me to send it to them to post ... cheers, Dave Sez.

    4. Hey Matt, it's a long time ago but I too could've been with the band at Fulham or was it Putney, lending a hand and being persuaded to introduce them on stage, then driven back by Jody all in the van. Great gigs, Peel at the back enjoying himself quietly. By the way, he first saw them at Dingwall's Camden Market, not first at Chelsea College, because I was there too. We all saw Kershaw with his new best mate Biggie; love at first bite! David

  4. jose mauricio- MACEIO. AL. BRASIL . gostei muito do balanco do grupo e o verdadeiro soul music, valeu abracao.

  5. Dear Dave
    Thanks for this golden oldies from the Bhundu Boys. From the Peel Sessions, I only managed to download CD1 from the FileFactory links (songs 1-13). The other link comes out as a repetition of the other. Would love more radio sessions from Zimbabwe if possible, thanks for all the great work to keep such music alive.


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