Tuesday 26 August 2014

Boyoyo "900" Umjiko Wamarabi (1973)

As summer comes to an end in the north, we feature an exciting early 70s compilation on the Trutone label. Strangely, none of the artists are credited on the cover, but the composer notes do reveal some of the best from Gallo — Marks Mankwane, Lucky Monama, West Nkosi and others — playing an eclectic array of mbaqanga instrumentals on sax, concertina and organ.

Thomas Phale’s first major hit with the T-Bones was “Boyoyo” in 1972. The title also happened to be the nick-name of the group's first drummer. The track was so successful the group decided to change their name permanently to the Boyoyo Boys. Issued in February 1973, the Trutone LP featured today, is clearly riding the wave of the "Boyoyo" phenomenon. Nevertheless I am not sure if any of the Boyoyo Boys are featured here.

Watch this space for some more comprehensive archival material coming soon!

Boyoyo "900" Umjiko Wamarabi
MSLP 502

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