Monday 13 January 2014

More Shangaan Electro Roots - Samson Mthombeni's 1977 Debut

A big thank you to Donald Swanepoel who recently found this 1977 album featuring Samson Mthombeni and the Gazankulu Sisters. Some tracks by this artist were featured on what we though was one of the first examples of the early Shangaan style (see this post).

The tempo is slower and the recording shows some similarities with other recordings stimulated in part by Apartheid radio programming policy (i.e. only Zulu music on Radio Zulu etc). There were nine language specific stations to support this policy of ethnic identity when the key political challenge to Apartheid was an urban cosmopolitan population made up of different ancestries and home languages. By example Babsy Mlangeni issued the same album in three different languages. Crazy times!

So without further ado, and thanks again to Donald here is another fine LP for your enjoyment.

Samson Mthombeni and Gazankulu Sisters (1977, Fast Move)1. Ninyikeni Dzovo
2. Mingani Rivati
3. Vamabalani
4. Sophie
5. Yimani Nihibyela
6. Ndambi
7. Vatatenga
8. Mingatekeli Kuphumela
9. Vanitekele Shibelani
10. Vakhoma Njani
11. Anna Mabidi
12. Mhani Monyisa



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