Monday 20 January 2014

En Direct du Congo (RIP Patrice Lumumba)

Just a few days past the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Patrice Lumumba it is fitting to make a nod to the Congo sound of the sixties. A stone cold classic, namely the  Pathe-Marconi album En Direct Du Congo, originally released in 1967 barely two years after Joseph Mobutu had seized power from President Kasa-Vubu. Featuring Franco and TPOK Jazz, Orchestra Bantous, Orchestra Negro and Orchestra Cercul this is a lovely collection of sixties congolese rumba. As for the cover its wonderful example of naivity from the French graphic designer at the time. All you need to do is listen and the time machine takes over.

Various Artists: En Direct Du Congo (Pathe Marconi, 1967)
01. Katherine: Franco and TPOK Jazz
02. Mi Amore: Franco and TPOK Jazz 
03. Gouvernement ya Katanga Orient: Franco and TPOK Jazz 
04. Mantale: Franco and TPOK Jazz
05. Nzambe: Franco and  TPOK Jazz 
06. Bandoki Kabasaka Ye Neraka: Franco and TPOK Jazz 
07. Mojado Parati: Orchestra Bantous 
08. Tobomguisa Avenir: Orchestra Cercul Jazz 
09. Wa Baka Ku Luonandi: Orchestra Negro Band 
10. Ata Ndele Na Ko Dounda: Orchestra Cercul Jazz 
11. Lisuma Nini Na Ngai: Orchestra Negro Band 
12. Bo Ndumba Ya Brazza: Orchestra Cercul Jazz



  1. Thank you! Zippyshare is saying the file is no longer on their server, could you try to re-post? I tried Rapidshare but can't see how to download there these days-operator error I'm sure. Thanks again.

  2. I may come over to kiss you! I have looking for a long time for this lp. And what a gem it is!
    Muchas gracias!

  3. hey there, not sure where to post this but i have a query that you guys may be able to help me with. i was listening to a fairly eclectic mix by Cape Town band John Wizards and it featured some tracks from your compilation "In Exile", which I really enjoyed. There is a song in that mix that I have been trying to track down but to no avail, labelled in the tracklist as "The Movers/John Wizards - Bump Special". I checked out the Movers' song of the same name but it was not the one I heard in the mix. The song comes on at around 12 minutes in this link


  5. Hi Anonymous - thanks for the question and the link - very happy to say that the Electric Jive archive has the track you are looking for - The Movers' Bump Jive Number Six - check the link out here

  6. The extended version (12:48) of Bump Jive No 6 can be found here:

  7. Chris, you have actually made my day!!! been looking for that track since August. Thanks a million!!!

  8. Sorry to say that the zippyshare has gone dead again. Could it be replaced please? (RS is dead slow without an account).

  9. new links coming soon via mediafire, stay tuned


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