Saturday 9 November 2013

Keeping Time: Order Yours Now

Saturday 9th November 2013
Dear lover of South African Jazz
RE: “Keeping Time”
160 pages - 30cm x 25cm - 158gsm art paper - hard cover
You are invited to get this book while you can. Keeping Time celebrates the public emergence of an extraordinary visual and audio archive begun by Ian Bruce Huntley in Cape Town fifty years ago.

This limited edition run of 500 opens a window to a little known era of South Africa’s music history, documenting a generation of jazz musicians in 120 selected and carefully restored colour and black and white images. Ian’s pictures and 56 hours of audio recordings capture an ‘underground’ jazz scene that persisted in creative defiance of all that grand apartheid threw at it. Many of the photographed live performances are indexed in this book and all will soon become available for free download through Electric Jive.
A handful of the musicians Ian Huntley worked with are still alive today. Some had few opportunities to record commercially - whilst others remain woefully under-documented. Combined with the loss to exile of yet more key people in South Africa’s jazz  history, and the few previously accessible recordings from these times, there is a deficit in our historical understanding and resources.

The new found accessibility of this previously hidden archive gives lovers of South African music, scholars, musicians, artists, anyone who is fascinated with the achievements of a generation of South African jazz musicians, a small but invaluable means towards

maintaining memory and articulating lost stories.

Published by Chris Albertyn and Associates in partnership with
Electric Jive, this cloth-bound hard-cover book is printed on high quality art paper and is being sold at the price it cost to produce. In addition to a biographical sketch of Ian Huntley, the book offers a substantial essay by Jonathan Eato, a full discography of all 56 hours of the recordings Ian made, and a comprehensive index.

South African artist Siemon Allen is responsible for the design and layout. Photographer Cedric Nunn has painstakingly restored the images.
Because of the high-quality art paper used the book weighs in at just over 1.5kgs. The post and packaging charges below are not marked up - they are the real cost. (not counting labour).

From USA: $59.99 + $4.00 postage (P&P to anywhere else worldwide $35.00)  SOLD OUT
From EUROPE: £39.99 + P&P: to UK (£6.70 - untracked, second class mail); to EU £13.50; anywhere else in the world £24.00 - STOCKS BECOMING LOW
From SOUTH AFRICA: R438.50 + R61.39 VAT = R499.89. P&P R45.00. (ordinary parcel service)
SADC: R460.00. P&P R270.00
Rest of World – from South Africa: ZAR470.00. P&P ZAR470.00
Yours sincerely
Chris Albertyn
e-mail me: recordforthe AT gmail DOT com to place your order


  1. My copy arrived yesterday: what a beautiful thing! The pictures are fantastic. Thank you all for your work in putting this together. MB

  2. Wonderful MB - thank you, as always, for your feedback - it really does make the pleasure of what we do even sweeter - Cheers, Chris

  3. Is there CD / Vinyl compilation for this book?

  4. Greetings anonymous - there is no CD/vinyl audio compilation of this archive. The full audio archive will be presented on Electric Jive in the next month or so.

  5. Beautiful Book!!!Thankyou

  6. Hi there Chris,
    Fantastic! just picked up a copy of Keeping Time at Other Music in NYC.
    What a beauty!
    Checking in to see when the recordings will be available?

  7. Thanks Victor for your affirming comment. We are now officialy SOLD OUT in the USA - "Other Music" have asked for more and we have given them our last five copies.

  8. As for the recordings Victor - a family bereavement has set me back from my original target dates, but believe me, I am itching to get on with getting it all out there

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. 7298Need to place an order from the US please Ian!

  11. Please do not say you are sold out in the US! Please!

  12. Hi, sorry to hear of bereavement. I sent an email on 23 January from UK (re-sent today). Hoping very much I can obtain a copy of this.


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