Monday 9 September 2013

African Serenades Rewind - From Africa to Cuba vol 1

This post is a slight break in the predominantly South African programming here at Electricjive as we turn our attention to a compilation that has been requested many times for re-posting. The compilation focuses on African salsa and was curated by artist Ken Abrams who painted the cover.

My first foray into this genre was via a cassette I bought at the Camden market in the eighties. Not only was this my first introduction to Orchestra Baobab, Bembeya Jazz, Daouda, Marvaillas du Mali but it also contained some tunes and artists I'm still searching for.  Ken has steered away from the usual suspects and delivered a wonderful set. Enjoy!

African Serenades 43 - From Africa to Cuba Vol 1 Compiled by Ken Abrams
1.Viva Africa - Laba Sosseh (Laba Sosseh with L’Orchuestra Aragon, Akogun Theresa, Disco Stock SA 300070)
2.Seis Lindas Cubanas - Doh Albert (Doh Albert, A Manhattan USA, Salsa Africana Vol.3 - P.1980-Sacodis)
3.Whiskey et Coca-Cola - Amadou Balake (Amadou Balake - Afro-Charanga , Zamidou, Prod. 1582, 1981)
4.Con el Masayo - Laba Sosseh (Laba Sosseh - Salsa Africana Vol. 4 - P.1980 Sacodis, LS 38)
5.Descarga Africana - Dexter Johnson (Dexter Johnson – Estrellas Africanas Vol 1, Disco Stock)
6.Micorazon – Laba Sosseh (Monguito el Unico presents Laba Sosseh in U.S.A, Salsa Africana vol. 1- Lassissi -.P.1980 Sacodis LS 26)
7.Yamba – Amadou Balake (Amadou Balaké - Amadou Balaké A New York '79, Sacodis LS 22)
8.Ne Dihon Yale – Doh Albert ( Doh Albert a New Jersey USA, P.1980 Sacodis LS 34)
9.Avalou - El Jowania Y Su Orquestra Africa Mania (El Jowania Y Su Orquestra Africa Mania / Missan Bailar)
10.Sama Yaaye - Thierno Koite (Teranga –Method/JFC/Cat# JFCCD008 2005)
11.Sangre De Africa - Patato with vocals Samba Mapangala (The Legend of Cuban Percussion - Six Degrees- 2000)
12.Li Ci Seye - Thierno Koite (Ubbite -Method/JFC/Cat# JFCCD013 2005)

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