Sunday 7 July 2013

Giant Hits: Seventies Soul mbaqanga (1977)

 I am always inspired by visitors who engage Electric Jive by leaving comments, asking questions and making requests. Rashied in following up on a post on The Raiders (see here and here) asked if anyone had any music by The Tulips. I am glad to be able to oblige Rashied.

This ten-track compilation stands out for its attractive vocals holding together a fusion of soul, mbaqanga and a touch of disco - an interesting moment that captures shifting trends and tastes at the time. The Tulips offer four great soul-inspired tracks, with their sweet-voiced lead singer sometimes imitating Mpharanyana's odd 'coughing' habit.

The Additions manage a pleasant fusion of soul-mbaqanga, while the lively Mthembu Queens give a nod to disco with their Asambeni Bafana (Let's Go Boys) - a great track which Nick has previously shared on this blog - Classic Mbaqanga Girl Groups Vol iii. (here)

The Movie Movies (I love the name) are pure Zulu soul-disco, while The Tulips cross-over towards mbaqanga in the catchy Banomona.

This record is still in great condition after thirty six years of careful storage by my friend Burgert. Thanks for the gift! Please do enjoy.

RS here
MF here


  1. Thank you for the post! It is appreciated.

  2. Some lovely tunes here - I must admit to having a guilty pleasure for the watery pre-synth "disco" mbaqanga of the late '70s. The Additions are just so great, while The Tulips seem to offer really interesting covers of tunes by Mpharanyana and the Soul Brothers!

    Interestingly, song "Banomona" seems to be also very heavily inspired by a song of the same name recorded by the early '60s group Zoo Lake Rockers. Still a brill tune though!

    Thanks Chris :)

  3. Thank you very much for this great compilation!
    Tunes are super, and good for weekend party!


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