Sunday 3 March 2013

African Serenades 44 - Tim's Kenyan Singles

We're entering this new week with a rewind of a favourite from the Matsuli blog...from the African Serenades series this is the first set by Tim Clifford of Kenyan Singles. Tim runs the biggest online discography of 7" singles released in East Africa at KenTanza Vinyl

Tim, explains: "I taught near Eldoret for two years in the early 1980s, fell in love with the music and then found that my Zigzag-reading, album-sleeve-obsessive completist's mindset was completely turned upside down because, of course, none of the friends I made - and who guided me towards the records I have sent you - cared about who was responsible for that amazing guitar solo or impassioned vocal on individual songs. All they were concerned about was "Can you dance to it?" Which isn't a bad take on things when it comes down to it."

African Serenades 44 - Kenyan Singles Part 1 selected by Tim Clifford
01. Tshiku Pt 1 - Orchestra Les Noirs 
02. Tshiku Pt 2 - Orchestra Les Noirs
03. Pamela Pt 1 - Orchestra Les Wanyika 
04. Pamela Pt 2 - Orchestra Les Wanyika
05. Virunga Pt 1 - Orchestra Virunga 
06. Virunga Pt 2 - Orchestra Virunga 
07. Na Bimaka Pt 1 - Orchestra Super Mazembe 
08. Na Bimaka Pt 2 - Orchestra Super Mazembe 
09. Koleta Pt 1 - Orchestra Super Volcano 
10. Koleta Pt 2 - Orchestra Super Volcano 
11. Fifi Pt 1 - Orchestra Shika Shika 
12. Fifi Pt 2 - Orchestra Shika Shika 
13. Joka Pt 1 - Mwenge Jazz Band 
14. Joka Pt 2 - Mwenge Jazz Band 
15. Akamba Pt 1 - Orchestra Viva Makele 
16. Akamba Pt 2 - Orchestra Viva Makele


  1. I discovered African music too late for the original Serenades flood in 2007 and was wondering if you were planning to post more volumes? Or perhaps you know where they can be found. Particularly interested in those featuring Docteur Nico and other Congolese treats. In the meantime, THANKS for this one!

  2. I'm sure we can make a plan - hold tight whilst I refresh some of the links to the Congolese material

  3. Sounds good, no hurry. It's not like I'm lacking stuff to listen to!

  4. Thanks for this. And compliments on the new (maybe not-so-new) design. it's definitely easier on the eye than the black background version.

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  6. Great stuff, thanks Tim & Matt. Interestingly they are all Congolese or Tanzanian bands, not a Kenyan among them! Lots of old favorites, though Mwenge Jazz is new to me.

  7. I regret to be unable to download this, outdated.
    Anyway thanks.


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