Monday 31 December 2012

Unknown Pleasures

As 2012 draws to a close I'm returning with a contrarian (and  personal) reflection. For a variety of reasons I need to take a step back from my regular monthly contributions. This has sparked discussion amongst the electricjive team and the future of the site remains uncertain. We are committed to keeping the site alive and intact but exactly how and where is currently undergoing a lot of consideration. 

In a 180 degree turn from what we normally do at electricjive I have stripped today's share of as much context as I can and hope that the absence of a detailed background and positioning will free you to LISTEN to the music in a different way. 

Enough said. All the very best for 2013 and all that it holds.  

P.S. There is a currently undisclosed but significant prize for the individual who correctly identifies the pieces shared today. Enjoy the blindfold test!


As a special treat for 2013 here's my As-shams/The Sun mix tape


  1. Hello Matt,

    First track : Sister Dumela
    Second track : Bra Joe From Kilimanjaro

    I wish you all the best for 2013


  2. Hello Matt,

    Sorry, I made a mistake about the first track : that's "Sister Rosie Dumela"

    Thanks for all the Dollar Brand addicts

    Best regards


  3. Olivier,
    Thanks for the best wishes.

  4. Happy New Year to all at electricjive!

    I very much hope to see more wonderful music posted here in 2013, even if it's not on the regular basis we're used to at the moment.

  5. Happy new year to all at the Electricjive! Thanks for all the wonderfull music shared. A special thank to Chris for the big and very interesting work with the live music posted. The second track is one of my favourite : "African Day" by Tete Mbambisa/ B.Rachabane/Duke Makasi/.G.Mattheews
    Bra Robs

  6. Hi Bra Robs,

    You're right and I was wrong : it obviously was "African Day".
    I did not checked that tune, but I am sure of the first track.
    I know what made me wrong. There also is Basil Coetzee playing the tenor saxophone on "African Day".

    Really confused, Matt and Bra Robs


  7. Looks like a split prize to me...Olivier for track 1 and Bra Robs for Track 2..well done guys...what would you like as a prize?

  8. Thanks Bra Robs for the kind words. Matt - I would suggest that these tow fine gentlemen receive the complete recordings that those respective tracks come from? Happy New Year all.

  9. Excellent, I'm really loving the first track so far.

  10. hi there!
    first of all, what a great blog! such great music around here!!!

    i'm writing to ask you by whom is the first track played?
    keep the amazing work!

  11. Track One is Abdullah Ibrahim


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