Thursday 16 February 2012

The Last Special: The Mallory Hall Band (1974)

The second album from the December 1974 three-day studio stint by what had become a versatile big soul-jazz band assimilating and reflecting their South African geographical context. If you have not heard the companion album "Song of Soweto" yet check it out - the link is also at the end of this post. Some of you who did download and listen to "Song of Soweto" earlier this week might have realised by now that I got the links mixed up. The proper links are now restored.

The song titles on "The  Last Special" were very much contemporary for South Africa at the time. The "Mabone" (headlight) craze was sweeping through the soul, bump and mbaqanga world - with the "blue" in this particular title having a number of possible references. Al Hall went on to re-record "Abafu" as "Clouds" on Patt Britt's 1975 album Jazzman. The final track "Princess of Joh'Burg" nicely closes the circle that enfolds the four albums in this thread - being a track that could seamlessly have been included on Kirk Lighstey's Habiba.

If anyone is aware of any further recordings this group made while in South Africa, or elsewhere - please do let us know.
1. The Last Special (11.10) Mallory
2. Blue Mabone (12.12) Hall (see the comments)
3. Abafu (Clouds) (7.07) Hall
4. Princess of Joh'Burg (4.15) Mallory

Last Special on Rapidshare here
 Last Special on Mediafire here
Song of Soweto on Mediafire here


  1. Hello

    Both Mediafire links are for:
    Mallory Hall Band - Last Special.rar (80.44 MB)

    only available through rapidshare


  2. My apologies Henri and all - it is now fixed - with the mediafire link to both albums shown under this post

  3. Highly enjoyable Chris,a great session of lp's from this ensemble,thanks so much.

  4. Again Chris, thanks for the redux. I will note that do to a misprint on the LP cover, I did not get credit for Blue Mabone; a piece I wrote and arranged, not Mallory. It was recorded prior to that by a band I was a part of as Blue Lights...... .

  5. No, thanks a lot to you, Chris!)

  6. There is a sleeve misprint; #3 is 'Amafu'.


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