Thursday 8 September 2011

The Movers - Greatest Hits Vol. 4 (1971)

This post comes to you on the fly from OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg and because of that it will have to be short! But then again what more could be said about the funky soul sounds of The Movers who have been featured on Electric Jive at least five times in the last year. Today we focus on their fourth album Greatest Hits Volume 4 issued in 1971 on Teal's City Special label. View their other albums on Electric Jive including Greatest Hits Vol.2 (1970),  Repeat After Me (1974), Bump Jive (1975), Bump Jive 6 (1975) and on the compilation Tower Special (1975). 

Hope you enjoy!

The Movers
Greatest Hits Volume 4
City Special
CYL 1007

01) Alex Soul Hit
02) Last Word
03) Watch Out (with Diana Mbatha)
04) Hard Day's Work
05) Crying All Night (with Diana Mbatha)
06) Plea to my Heart (with Blondie Makhene)
07) Crying Guitar No.2
08) Soul Party (with Blondie Makhene)
09) It's a Pity
10) Sleep Out
11) Swazi Pineapples
12) Swazi Tribal Soul


  1. Does anyone have a rip of Greatest Hits Volume 3? Would love to hear it.

  2. Geez, how rare can this group get!!Never heard of this LP before, I have a possible debut LP of The Movers, that I won on a local auction site, a bidding war actually, extremely rare LP. I love this group, but more of their vocal stuff than instrumentals

  3. But where can we download it?

  4. No longer available on both sites.

  5. Hi Siemon. Can you please upload to Mediafire? Thanks.

  6. Hi.can I please update the link


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