Friday 12 November 2010

Highlife 'n' Piano

Something quite different today. This is from the same batch of Ghanaian LPs some of which were shared earlier at electricjive. Aside from the sleevenotes on the back cover not much more information has been forthcoming and so, without a deeper context, we invite you to have a listen and tell us what you think or to fill in the gaps for our readers.



  1. Certainly different! Thanks for this - unlike anything this long-time highlife fan has ever heard!

  2. exciting album. marvellous cover!
    great blog.

    I've been looking for the dark city sisters and
    the black eagles "eloff street" on ebay
    since you first made me hear them here...
    I haven't fount them 'yet.
    But I'm not giving up.
    Also looking for francis bebey and his three masterpieces: "new track", "akwaaba" and "fleur tropicale"

    Take care / J

  3. I look forward to cranking some of these selections tomorrow (especially this one) during the daylight hours.
    Thanks so much

  4. LOVE the hand-drawn cover! Funky and charming at the same time.

    The music itself is very intriguing -- almost a genre unto itself. It's called "highlife" but it's really not like any other highlife record. The piano style by Ray Ellis in particular sounds very Cuban -- the way Cuban musicians would play in the '40s and '50s at least. But there's also a mid-60s pop-jazz American touch to it as well -- almost sounds a bit like something by Herb Alpert or Vince Guaraldi or The Tijuana Brass.

    "Unique" is really the only way to describe this album! The outstanding tracks are "Sasabonsam" and "Kwadede."

  5. Can you guys Plleeaasse re-up this if it is possible.


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