Friday 26 March 2010

Vintage South African Jazz Compilation (1959)

We move back to “normal” programming with something special to share. Fans of the African Jazz Pioneers might jump a bit to Hellfire, sorry about that Jannie, Jasper and crew, but this vinyl is 52 years old! Shay Utshane played by the African Swingsters more than makes up for it, I hope. The Dark City Sisters slip in with a pre-mbaqanga harmony, while Phata Phata gets regal treatment from the Brown Cool Six! Susan and the Honey Bees sound as sweet as their name! Just do yourself a favour, download this album, you will listen to this gem more than once! Thanks Siemon.
1. HellFire - Transvaal RJS
2. Welele - Woody Woodpeckers
3. ZCM - Aaron & Pieter
4. July Handicap - Killingstone Star
5. Shay Utshane - African Swingsters
6. Film Star - Black Mambazo
7. No Dissapointment - Kings Messengers Quartet
8. Phata Phata - Brown Cool Six
9. Ngiboniseleni - Dark City Sisters
10. Parking Car - Aaron & Pieter
11. Phillip - Susan & Honey Bees
12. Boiling Water - Black Mambazo
13. Some More Phata Phata - Black Mambazo
14. Jericho Road - Kings Messengers
His Masters Voice JCLP18
RS Link
MF Link


  1. Thumb up for Chris and Siemon!

    I do have the same age than this beautiful compilation.


  2. great post ! thank you

  3. really looking forward to this one! thx.

  4. A gem - thank you very much. It's great to go back to the pre-jive era and track by ear the convergence of the many jazz styles with the more traditional kwela playing, both ably represented on this album. Truly great LP from an interesting era


  5. Thanks for sharing this great LP and the other kwela & pennywhistle
    posts in the past


  6. i was just finding out about (south) african jazz and was immediately hooked with the beautiful melodies. thx for sharing these gems.

    jontowel, indonesia

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    The best African album ever made, seriously these guys made an incredible performance!


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