Monday 2 November 2009

Our Boys Are Doing It

This one has been on our radar for some time. The record was a direct response to Hugh Masekela's LP "The Boy Is Doing It" (Check it here), recorded in Lagos in 1975. Three great tunes featuring legendary South African sax player Kippie Moeketsi. Enjoy.

Dennis Mpale, Kippie Moeketsi and the Boys - Our Boys Are Doing It (MERCURY, STAR206, 1977)
1. Our Boys Are Doing It
2. Dennis Groove
3. Orlando
Dennis Mpale (trumpet & leader), Kippie Moeketsi (alto sax) and the Boys. All compositions by Dennis Mpale.


  1. Another magnificent offering. Gwen Ansell, on page 152 of Soweto Blues has a nice description of the record quoting Dennis Mpale.

    Also the full line-up of the band is listed there as:

    KIPPIE MOEKETSI ~ alto sax
    PAT MATSHIKIZA ~ piano
    ALEC KHAOLI ~ bass
    SIPHO MABUSE ~ drums

  2. Wow, I can't wait to hear this, *many* thanks for sharing.
    -Michael B

  3. Love this - thanx!...but

    files are tagged (1974)

    Gwen Ansell, on page 152 of Soweto Blues mentions (1975)

    you give (MERCURY, STAR206, 1977), all a bit confusing, did you get this from actual lp?, and if so could you possibly post pic of label.

  4. great!!!!
    listening Kippie Moesketsi...I've another two requests :
    - Hal Singer : "Harlem to Soweto".
    - Gideon Xumalo : "Jazz Fantasia".
    thank you

  5. Henri, tags are wrong. Actual label is Mercury. Cat No STAR206. Publish date on label is 1977.

  6. What a groove ..! Anybody know who's on tenor & guitar?

  7. Thanks guys for this - the only other album I know of kippie & patshikana's is the wonderful Tshona, which is commercially available.

    Sadly unavailable is the Jazz Fantasia of Nxumalo as a previous commenter mentioned - please if anyone has this post it! The 1990 re-issue seems to have gone oop as well, not surprisingly

    - when you're listining to music whose re-issues are themselves 20 years old you must have issues yourself, you must have the roots record blues I reckon...

  8. There's definitely more to the boys than first meets the eye... there's an unlisted guitarist there, a second alto by the sounds of it too.

  9. Thanks a lot,
    But, too bad rapidshare is that down !!
    Any possibility for the archive to be uploaded again ?


  10. Please, here is my request : could you, anyone, re-up this gem ? Thanks in advance !


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