Friday 2 October 2009

Makasi and Mbambisa ride again

Here's a real treat for South African jazz fans. Tete Mbambisa and Duku Makasi in this 1969 studio recording. Very rarely seen on eBay and mostly only gathering dust on collectors shelves. Enjoy!

"It's hardly news anymore that Cape musicians are the best in the Republic of South Africa. It goes without saying that they are still the originals from who almost every group draws more inspiriation. Still it may help silence the jazz diehards who have been doing the 'Cape artists are not that great bit' all year. In this disc they have come out with a very impresive package that will knock you out. The title tune Inhlupheko (Distress) a ditty that wraps around you with infiinite sadness was born at the 'Blue Berry', home of iimpressario Ray Nkwe and Soweto's jazz workshop where entertainers meet to share ideas and knock tunes into shape. It happened during the festive season in 1968. Four gawky figures, their limbs ached and their faces were masks of dejection. They were from Port Elizabeth and had come to the Golden City to perform at shows. The concerts were financial flops and the four musicians were left stranded. When they finally reached the Blue Berry their lonely desperation flooded into Rays heart and he fed the four hungry men. With their tummies full the four jazzmen controbuted towards a drink work fifty cents and it gurgled happily down their throats.They picked up their instruments and started to blow. They blew into the night and temporarily forgot their distress. Thats how Inhupeko was born. The composer of the song, Duku Makasi has been called the new tenor-sax voice of 1969 and this recording proves he is also the sound of '69. He has that hard core of progressive jazz and tears up with a fine rhythm backing of Tete Mbambisa on piano, drummer Mafufu Jama and the thudding bass of "Big T"Ntshele. The other tunes on this LP record illustrates the group's fine voice. And the musical mind behind the success story of the Soul Jazzmen is Duku Makasi. Just one more treat for jazz fans." (From the original liner notes)

THE SOUL JAZZMEN - INHLUPEKO (City Special, CYL1000, 1969)
1. Inhlupeko
2. Relaxin'
3. Mr Mecca
4. How Old is the World
5. Love For Sale
6. Dollar the Great
The Soul Jazzmen: Tete Mbambisa (Piano), Duku Makasi (Tenor Sax), Psch "Big T" Ntsele (Bass) and Mafufu Jama (Drums)
Recorded 6th January 1969. Produced by Ray Nkwe. Cover photos by Alf Khumalo


  1. great to read about Tete Mbambisa. More, more, more please. About time too...

  2. Yarra yassers - big thanks for posting this one!

  3. great share ! thanks a lot !

  4. Thanks Bhowani for taking the time to comment. I hope you get to enjoy the other SA jazz posts too

  5. This album is so good, I've certainly listened to it a dozen times since grabbing it here ... your blog remains my favourite watering hole in the internets :-)

  6. Could you please restore this link? Thanks for all the great work! this website is a rare treat & treasure

    1. Could you please restore this link? Thanks a lot!

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