Friday, 4 May 2018

Ndikho Xaba: share your love

Composer, keyboardist, percussionist, instrument maker, innovator, activist, Baba Ndikho Xaba was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 10 years ago.  He now requires 24/7 nursing care and the Xaba family is reaching out to ask for any assistance you might be able to give in carrying this cost. All monies raised will be used for his health care.

You can watch a two-minute video outlining the situation on Gofundme and also make any size donation. 

If you are in or near Durban on Sunday 20th May, there is going to be a great celebration of Baba Ndikho Xaba's 84th birthday. His living legacy will be celebrated by numerous musicians and performers, all of whom have a close connection with Baba's innovative, creative work.  The UKZN Big Band (directed by John Kordalewski) will perform several of Baba's compositions.  A host of other fine, talented musicians will also perform.  

At 1:00pm we will open the media room which will show vintage film of some of Baba's performances -  We will also display and curate some of his hand crafted instruments.  So come early!
There will be a jam session at the end so feel free to bring your instruments.
Entrance cost will be a donation of R200. For those of you who can afford it, why not donate an additional ticket for a music lover who otherwise could not afford to get in?
The family asks that you do not take pictures or videos during the celebration.  There will be designated photographers to document this historic event.
If you are on Facebook, you can watch a great clip (thanks Mamsie Ntashangase) of the UKZN Big Band playing the track "Nomusa" at the Durban Botanical Gardens on International Jazz Day here.


  1. Thanks so much, Chris!
    Ndikho is amazing!!!

  2. Hey Guys, I just want to say a big thanks, I discovered this blog today from a random youtube channel. It's brilliant, thank you so much for all your effort to upload this music and bring it to the world. I wish I knew about it before as I was living in Cape town in 2014/2015 it would have been great to meet the people behind it. The reason why I was hunting for music, is my wife and I are doing a talk about cycling from Cape town to Osaka in Japan and wanted to have some music from South Africa, this will definitely keep me occupied for a while! If anyone is ever in Japan give me a shout. All the best. Elliot


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