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DiscoSoulJive - Volume 1/2 (1974-1982)

Perhaps it is appropriate to follow Nick Lotay's post on Walter and the Beggers from last week with a compilation of South African disco-soul-jive material from the same period — the mid to late 1970s through the early 1980s. I have been putting together this compilation for the better part of the last year and had originally planned to post a shorter version as a 'reply' to Nick's comprehensive post Disco Soul here at Electric Jive in April.

At that time, my mix was not there yet and so I put the project on hold, adding to the folder when interesting tracks turned up (the process has been quite serendipitous). Given that the holiday season is looming again, I thought I would check that folder to see if there was enough good material for an end of year holiday mix... there was... and more!!! Let me just say, invest in some serious shoes before your listen to these two volumes!

Anyways... I have been so focussed on the material that I ran out of time to give it any context. So watch this space in the coming days and I will add some notes to the tracks below. In the meantime check out Nick's earlier post as well as Matt and Chris' previous offering in this territory: Saitana, Nzimande All Stars, Zone One, City Soul... and get your dancing shoes on!

DiscoSoulJive - Vol.1
flatinternational / Electric Jive

01) Saitana — The Disco — 1977
(Jas Pride 45rpm, PD 1380)
02) The Movers — Kansas City — 1979
(Atlantic City LP, BL 225)
03) Abafana Besporo — Baba Ka Sibongile — 1980
(Gold LP, GOLP 513)
04) The Champions — Mntakwethu — 1978
(Jet LP, JETLP 020)
05) Mavis Maseko and the Movers — Sure Thing — 1978
(RCA LP, RCL 1222)
06) Nzimande All Stars — Breadwinner — 1978
(Masterpiece LP, LMS 533)
07) Masike ‘Funky’ Mohapi — Love Song — 1982
(Raintree Records LP, RAH 3003)
08) (uncredited) — Come on Down — c1979
(Entertainment LP, EDLP 1015)
09) Amagugu — Giya Mfana — 1979
(Beat City LP, QBL 1002)
10) Bra Sello — Lulu Come Back — c1976
(Jet LP, JET 307)
11) The Soul Chiefs (?) — Ngeke Silibale — 1980
(Gold LP, GOLP 513)
12) The Entertainers — Mamazala — c1979
(Entertainment LP, EDLP 1007)
13) Care Free — We Are On Our Way — 1974
(Soweto LP, SWA 14005)
14) (uncredited) — Fekile Ntombi Yami — 1979
(Gold LP, GOLP 502)
15) Sakie Special Band — Wozo Sporo Jive — 1979
(WEA LP, 95 024)
16) The Special Sounds — Mngane — 1974
(Soul Jazz LP, LPBS 26)
17) Amagugu — Ngiyintandane— 1979
(Beat City LP, QBL 1002)

DiscoSoulJive Vol.2
flatinternational / Electric Jive

01) Una Valli with Dan Hill — Really Gonna Shake — 1964
(CBS LP, ALD 6721)
02) The Planets — Hippy Way — 1974
(Soul Jazz LP, LPBS 26)
03) The Champions — Auloboli — 1978
(Jet LP, JETLP 020)
04) Walter Dhlamini — Lonely City — c1979
(Entertainment LP, EDLP 1007)
05) Sakie Special Band — Bashimane — 1979
(WEA LP, 95 024)
06) Soul Sisters — Khoma Switya (Hold it Tight) — c1976
(Jet 45 rpm, JET 355)
07) Abafana Bamswazi with Amagugu — Back To Spade — 1975
(Atlantic LP, HSL 2003)
08) Midnight Stars — Popy’s Disco — 1978
(RCA LP, PL 40686)
09) (uncredited) — Mathuba Difala — c1979
(Entertainment LP, EDLP 1015)
10) (uncredited) — Who Do You Love — c1979
(Entertainment LP, EDLP 1015)
11) Care Free — Big Finger — 1974
(Soweto LP, SWA 14005)
12) Dudu and the Big Time Boys — Mother, Dear Mother — c1976
(Jet 45 rpm, JET 362)
13) (uncredited) — Musukuya Nenkulumo — 1979
(Gold LP, GOLP 502)
14) Amagugu — Bheka Mina — 1979
(Beat City LP, QBL 1002)
15) New Born — Bayangizonda — 1978
(RCA LP, RCL 1222)
16) The Entertainers — Mama Ka Sibongile — c1979
(Entertainment LP, EDLP 1007)
17) Sons of Thunder — Uzozizwela — c1979
(Entertainment LP, EDLP 1007)
18) Amagugu — Hluphele — 1979
(Beat City LP, QBL 1002)
19) The Movers — 100% — c1978
(RCA promo 45 rpm)
20) Nzimande All Stars — Asihambe Sithandwa No.1+2 — 1977
(Soul Train 45 rpm, TR 25)
21) Mavis Maseko — Ngonile Mama — 1978
(RCA LP, RCL 1222)

DiscoSoulJive (1974-1982)
flatinternational / Electric Jive

Volume 1 (FXEJ 10)

Volume 2 (FXEJ 11)



  1. Wow, some tasty material here - I can't wait to devour it all. Thanks Siemon!!

  2. great mix. long time follower of the blog, just wanted to say thanks for all of the great music you share.

  3. Great great oldies really nice down memory lane...,just some corrections from Vol I, No3 "Baba Ka Sibongile" and No.11 "Ngeke Silibale" and from Vol II No.16 "Mama Ka Sibongile" the three songs were done by the legendary Soul Brothers....Iam sure the Band is still around in South Africa

    Robby Mbewe,
    Lusaka, Zambia

  4. Thanks Robby for your comments!
    A number of these tracks are actually cover versions by uncredited groups on budget labels. Though I must say pretty well executed as they are super close to the originals. A great example is "Breadwinner" where (although very similar) the cover runs at 3 mins while the original (featured here) is 15 mins long.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Great stuff! Searching for "popy's disco" brought me here. These tunes are a relevation to me - amazing!! Thanks a lot! Arne

  7. I am urgently looking for almost all English Disco albums of The Movers between 1974-80s. Where and how do I get access to them.

    Please contact me at:
    +264 81 604 8822
    P O Box 50297

  8. Welcome to our world of digging for these gems on vinyl! Your best bet is to search ebay, record stores and collectors. On CD there are some now out of print Best of compilations but they don't do justice to the volume of material put out by the Movers. Good luck!

  9. Has this post since been removed? If so, why? Tried to download but drew a blank.

  10. Hi there again! It's David from Madrid.
    Nice compilation of yours. Thanks for it.
    I was searching for the b-side of Walter Dhlamini's single 'Lonely City', titled 'I'll Never Love You Again'.
    I see it is a rare single. I can't find more info about this artist yet.
    Sounds so easy but magic with this organ accompanying his voice.
    Maybe you can gift to us this b-side in next compilation.
    It will be so great.
    Pleeeeease Siemon and ElectricJive team.
    Many thanks in advance.


    1. Hi David, thanks for the comments! This track comes from a compilation LP "Favorite Disco-Soul-Jive Hits" (EDLP 1007). I do not have the 45, however my colleague Chris does have it (Fire, RE 104).

  11. Oh sorry, i was mistaken when i was searching about Walter Dhlamini in the net.
    I have read in your blog about Walter Dlamini in the post of Walter and the Beggers, and i think this Dlamini is the same Dhlamini in this compilation. Isn't he?

    Big hug!!


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