Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Kwela going global: “Spokes of Africa” keeps inspiring

This Spokes Mashiyane rarity goes out to Donpiper and the pennywhistle music-makers and keepers at the schiff and fipple forum, as well as Chris in the UK who runs a fantastic “kwela” blogsite project because:
 “The pennywhistle is a fantastic instrument; expressive, cheap, portable, quick to get started. However its versatility is perceived to be limited due to its almost-exclusive association with celtic music. Kwela challenges this preconception and introduces those who haven’t heard it to a new way of hearing and playing the pennywhistle.”

This small group of good people from all around the world have got themselves together and are doing things like developing and sharing transcriptions and information on kwela and pennywhistle music so they too can keep performing and playing it. Now that is really keeping the music alive!

On this album Spokes introduces and then plays a velvety smooth rendition of Kwela Kong, and follows up with another called “Little Kwela Kong” which would also have fitted just as perfectly in that fine musical. He also teams up in a duet with Lemmy Mabaso to deliver Manyatela.

Thanks again to Siemon for sharing this rare album – there is one copy available on the net right now … the starting price is $300 U.S.. Enjoy.
APOLOGIES for the delays - rapidshare keeps dropping half way through
RS here


  1. Thanks again for sharing this Spokes Mashiyane gem, and thanks for the encouragement and kind words.

    best wishes,

  2. Wonderful stuff. I was first introduced to Spokes via a Trojan records compilation of his work some years back. It's a pleasure to know it sounds as good as ever.

  3. Wow! This is a great record. When was it recorded?

  4. Hi FredirikO - as with many recordings of this era, there is no date on the sleeve or the record. We believe this was from the late 50s or very early 60s - Chris

  5. Any chance you could upload this on rapidshare? Would be much appreciated. Mediafire link is down, unfortunately.

  6. The mediafire link is working fine ) I just tested it - try it again. Sorry about no RS at present, I have put it on my list of things to do

  7. I get the message, "This file has been identified as a copyright protected work and cannot be distributed using MediaFire." Maybe as the uploader, you're still able to access the file.

  8. Michael, hold tight....the EJ team are liaising globally to find a solution!

  9. A new rapidshare link has been posted....enjoy!

  10. I have put it on my list of blog matters to attend to - will upload to MF as soon as possible. In the interim, look out for an upcoming post from Siemon!


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