Sunday 20 November 2016

Slow Sunday Congo Singles Special

A sultry, slow and unhurried Sunday morning selection from the ASL drawers. Earlyish Congo Rumba, all except the last was pressed and sold in Kenya. A while back in this blog there was a great response to three posts of ASL Congo singles (here, here, and here) so, this next instalment is long overdue. This time with some focus on a deep breath (it does that for me anyway) before the year-end madness.The mixtape version is for my own comfort during some upcoming travel time I have to put in. Separated tracks are also provided.

 In my September 2012 ASL Singles post I gave an outline of South African interests, particularly the Gallo Record Company’s interests in establishing ASL.

Gallo Nairobi was established in the early 1950s. Following Kenya’s independence in 1963 visible South African ownership of the company became a problem, so Associated Sounds (East Africa) Pty Ltd (ASL) was set up as a dummy company by Gallo in the United Kingdom. ASL had their own Kenyan pressing plant.

ASL certainly released a huge amount of Congolese and East African inspired Rumba and Soukous in the 70s and 80s, with the tracks easily stretching to five minutes each on the micro-groove format.

Enjoy your Sunday morning, or late night, whenever you feel like being soothed.

1. L'Orchestre African Fiesta: Chantal Komonela Ngai (Test Pressing ASL 1870)
2. Chantal & L’Orchestre African Fiesta: Doris (ASL 7-1845)
3. Dr Nico & L’Orchestre African Fiesta: Okosuka Wapi (ASL 7-1924)
4. Sylis & L’Orchestre Baby National: Luntala (ASL 7-1012)
5. Vicky & L’Orchestre Les Hi-Fives: Sijakuacha (ASL 7-102)
6. Vicky & L'Orchestre O.K. Jazz: Dodo Tuna Motema (ASL 7-3090)
7. Vicky & L'Orchestre O.K. Jazz: Monoko Oyo Ezali Na Ngai (ASL 7-3090)
8. Youlou & L’Orchestre O.K. Jazz: Bolingo Nouveate (ASL 7– 3159)
9. Verckys & L'Orchestre Veve: Ah Ngai Matinda (ASL 7-3174)
10. Baba National (Baba Gaston): Noel Nakalemi (ASL 7-151)
11. Orch Mptete Wa Mpete: Bonne Na Noel Pts 1 & 2 (ASL 4375)
12. Orchestre Afrisa: Mbote Ya Kinvwanga Pts 1 & 2 (African 91 620)

Mixtape download link here
Separate tracks link 


  1. Associated Sounds Part 3: O.K. Jazz on ASL links are dead. Please repost ! Thanks for your great work !

  2. Chocoreve, thanks for letting is know - the link on ASL 3 has been updated. Chris

  3. Now that's what I call a quick repost ! Cheers !


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