Tuesday 17 March 2015

Best of Spokes and Reggie (c1961)

These artists need no introduction—Spokes Mashiyane and Reggie Msomi can be found countless times here at Electric Jive. The New Sound album featured today brings together a wonderful selection of early sax jives probably first issued on 78 rpm around 1959 and 1960. This compilation (c1961) follows two hit volumes also issued by Gallo: New Sounds of Africa Vol.1 (NSL 1001) and Vol.2 (NSL 1002). While those earlier LPs focus primarily on Spokes Mashiyane, Miriam Makeba and the Skylarks, this record may be the first 33 rpm to foreground the talents of Gallo producer Reggie Msomi. Of course, this disc is marked as "New Sound Vol. 3" but it is hard to know if it follows that earlier series or whether NSL 1004 and 1005 are its precursors. It may be possible that Reggie can be found on those "missing" LPs. His 1961 classic Twisting with Reggie (NSL 1007) can be heard here at Electric Jive. For a partial discography of Gallo's New Sound label check out flatint.

Spokes Mashiyane and His Big Five
01) Nyakaza Stan
02) Chukuchuku
03) Lova
04) Bochabela
05) Phatha Phatha No. 2
06) Mojira Special

Reggie Msomi
07) Phatha Phatha No. 2
08) One One
09) Dubula Magazini
10) Washesha Mfana
11) Dabuli Bayi
12) Oh! Mtwana

Spokes Mashiyane and Reggie Msomi
Best of Spokes and Reggie
New Sound
NSL 1005
ABC 21460/1


  1. In thanks for all the great music I've got from electricjive over the years, I spotted a recording that the EJ team may not have seen and will certainly want:


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    1. Thanks Dave. The music at the end of the link is great!

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