Thursday 13 December 2012

Electric Jive Durban Office Party 2012

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Another year, another Durban branch office party mix (separated tracks also available) - another time to celebrate out of print and diverse South African music ranging from mostly rare 78rpms from the fifties and sixties and through to the seventies with a selection from my collection.

A cheerful mostly mid-tempo concoction, you may be encouraged to dance, sway, do the jive, or just tap your fingers and feet to this blend of 50s jazz, early sixties twist and mbaqanga, kwela, and rock 'n roll. Who knows you might find yourself in the shower letting loose with a few catchy Elvis Presley choruses in Zulu  - the King Cole Boogies doing two wonderful Presley covers in Zulu. Alpheus Nkosi also does some great 60s rock 'n roll. In-between you will find a little boere guitar and concertina, not at all out of place, and also a pleasant surprise from 1980s Durban band Scooters Union.

Tracks from Ntemi Piliso's Alexander All Stars, and Reggie Msomi's Soweto Groovin (1976) pop up as a preview to the full LPs I plan to share sometime in the new year.

As mentioned in my Congo singles posts earlier this year, (here and here) South African groups in the early 60s did celebrate and appreciate the music of the Congo. We kick off with two 78rpm records from the "Pretty Dolls" and the "Dark City Sisters".

No office party could be complete without at least a little mbaqanga - this time with a leaning towards the accordeon and guitar-driven genre that first inspired Paul Simon to put together Graceland. Joseph Mazibuko deservedly takes centre stage with three numbers from 1971. He also features some tracks on the popular Greatest Accordion Hits Vol 3. here

The wonderful artwork you see at the top of this post was specially created by Kunyalala Ndlovu for Electric Jive. Thanks Kone we love it, and we look forward to working some more with you! Kone says his "work is simply a visual result of seeking little known southern african popular culture and making it visible; welcome to the afro-pop life." To check out more of Kone's creations, click here.

Thanks once again for your company and especially to all of you who left comments during this last year. I look forward to sharing more wonderful music with you in the new year. 

1.     Congo Cha Cha: The Pretty Dolls – (Cook, Matumba) - 78rpm Troubador AFC607
2.     Indinesala:  The Dark City Sisters- (R. Bopape, E. Temba; A. Memela) 78rpm His Master's Voice JP784
3.     Chalenipo: The Dark City Sisters – (R. Bopape, E. Temba; A. Memela) 78rpm His Master's Voice JP784
4.     I Like to Dance: The Pretty Dolls (Cook, Matumba) 78rpm Troubador AFC607
5.     Kwela Kwela: Jan Brits
6.     Heita Heita - Sophiatown Gaieties -78rpm Quality TJ124
7.     Linda – Suzanne Seeku with the St Louis Swingsters (1953) 78rpm XU177
8.     Nkanyezi (We're Gonna Move) - King Cole Boogies (Elvis Presley - Vera Matson) 78rpm TJ188
9.     Twist Beat: Zee Zee Jazz Appointment (R. Bopape) 78rpm HMV JP749
10.  Kwela Twist: Mario and Chris (Mario De Conceicao) 78rpm Hi-Life HL534
11.  Rocket Kwela: Mario de Conceincao (Mario de Conceincao) 78rpm Hi-Life HL525
12.  See you later: Little Lemmy Special and Big Joe78rpm Gallotone Jive GB2774
13.  Kutheni (Teddy Bear): King Cole Boogies  (Kal-Mann-B. Lowe) 78rpm TJ188
14.  Thula Phela: Alpheus Nkosie. 78rpm JP2121
15.  Majikaduze Twist: West Nkosi (1963) 78rpm USA248
16.  Ndiya Egoli: Alpheus Nkosie (Alpheus Nkosie) 78rpm JP2121
17.  Guitar Walk: Regardo Bornman (Regardo Bornman) 78rpm Columbia DSA351
18.  Crossroads:  The Knights 78rpm Parlophone SPD190
19.  Bird's Haven: New Year Swingsters (Strike Vilakazi). 78rpm OK138
20.  Apple Tart: The Alexander All Stars (Ntemi Piliso) Apple Tart Cake (1976) LP: SSL 0120 - Soul.Soul.
21.  Ungayeka Ungahleka: Reggie Msomi and his Hollywood Jazz Band. 78rpm USA356
22.  Ulala Kanjani: Gumedes Concertina Band.  (1951)London 33rpm microgroove LPB431
23.  Skoppelmaal: Scooters Union. LP: Vivid Memories Of Static (1986)
24.  Konsertina Kwela: Niek Potgieter
25.  Isikhwama: Joseph Mazibuko (Mazibuko)  (1971) 45rpm  GoGo GGB484
26.  Salani Madoda: Joseph Mazibuko (Mazibuko) (1971) 45rpm Star Black SKB437
27.  Kuya-Ziwa:  Joseph Mazibuko (Mazibuko) (1971) 45rpm GoGo GGB484
28.  Ngawe Hlobo Lwami: Phillemon Zulu (Phillemon Zulu) 45rpm More Music Hits MMh2574
29.  Nomdayi: Reggie Msomi and his Jazz Africa (Reggie Msomi) LP: Soweto Grooving (1976)  SoulJazzPop BL90.
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  1. Love it! Thank you!

  2. You did it again Thank you!--Bill

  3. Just in time for my christmas party, many thanks!

  4. Great music to dance to - with snow everywhere...

  5. This is lovely music. A great compilation and there will be some serious bopping in the UK.

  6. Wonderful to hear from you Patrick! Thanks all for your love

  7. ah great stuff! Thank you so much for the option of separated tracks and a free-running mix.... so much to enjoy!

  8. http://soulsafari.wordpress.comSunday, December 16, 2012

    thumbs up to Chris & all at Electric Jive for this outstanding compilation. Love it! A great inspiring new 2013 to all of you.

  9. Thanks for the music; the Reggie Msomi track is very good.

  10. Thanks Eyepictures, Michael, ECDC and anonymous. Best wishes to soul safari too, thanks all for the company

  11. Any chance you could post the whole "Soweto Grooving" album? It would be much appreciated.

  12. Thanx again Guys.........have a good xmas and new year

  13. These are the best party tapes ever!

  14. The track by Dlamini is great - by any chance would you guys know of tracks similar to Nqwani Mbotyi's song on 'The Nguni Sound' compilation? Never thought the accordion could be played with such feverish exuberance - it's like Dlamini on acid!

  15. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Love Letters Journal - which 'Dlamini' track are you referring to? I will see if I can dredge out 'out there' accordion playing for the next end of year installment - nice to know there are others who enjoy this. Cheers. Chris

  16. It seems I was actually referring to a track from another office party compilation - "Ndiya Hamba" from here:

  17. It seems I was actually referring to a track from another office party compilation - "Ndiya Hamba" from here:

  18. Got it Love Letters - thanks - I will see what I can do on the upcoming year-end mixes, though I do not have anything by Nqwani Mbotyi

  19. Waooh!! Fantastic stuff, thanks for enlightening us!

    Stuffy, Sweden


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