Monday 21 May 2012

Bumping, Moving and Grooving into Zone One

This one goes out to all you lovers of the jazz fusion and bump sounds of the Movers, the Drive and the Mover's organist Sankie Chounyane. I've posted previously on theses groups at matsuli as well as here at electricjive. Siemon has a detailed discography of the Movers at flatinternational and I've detailed the Drive discography in an earlier post here at electricjive.

Various Artists - Zone One (1976, SoulSoul, SSL123)
1. Zone One - The Movers
2. Don't Touch - The Movers
3. Zone No 6 (Part 1) - The Drive
4. My Dreams (Part 1) - The Drive
5. Jacaranda No 15 (Part 1) - Sankie and the New Time Boys
6. N-U-10 - The Movers
7. Traffic Ticket - The Movers
8. Help Me - The Movers
9. Zone No 6 (Part 2) - The Drive
10. My Dreams (Part 2) - The Drive
11. Jacaranda No 15 (Part 2) - Sankie and the New Time Boys
12. Spy - The Movers



  1. Loved the stuff you posted from the Drive and the Movers so far. So this is most welcome! Many thanks!

  2. You guys just keep bringing it. Wow. Thanks a lot.

  3. I have been looking for this music since 1981 and I've found it but can't download it. HELP MATT!!! PLEASE HELP!

  4. Would love to hear this comp if you ever get to reups. Thanks for all the great music :)


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