Monday 19 December 2011

Seventies Singles Selection – Office Party Pt 2

A fair bit to get your feet moving in this selection from seven singles found during this year. Also a few tracks delving into the more traditional realms of solo accordion and voice (Dlamini), Shangaan (Banda Six; Matengu Sisters) and Tsonga (Star Flying Gazankulu) vocal, through to some swinging bigger band numbers by curiosities such as the “Zomba Jazz Band”, and “Elias Banda with Jazz Afrique 73”.

Inbetween some kicking mbaqanga and accordion jive you will bump into Sankie Chounyane and his JoBurg Music Men, along with some irresistible bump-soul from Bucks and the Mighty Thorns. We close the set with a 1977 rendition by The Movers of “Morena Boloka” – a massively risky subversive intervention by David Thekwane and the band at the time. While it could be classified as an hymn, the tune was known as the national anthem in waiting. And so it has become, with Morena Boloko comprising the Sotho part of South Africa’s post-liberation national anthem.

If you have not already indulged - part one can be found here.

In wishing you a liberating 2012, I share a poem written by Durban-based Mphutlane Wa Bofelo.

It is not the count of nodding heads
That should count to you
It is not the snapping of fingers
That your camera should snap
It is not the swinging hips
That should make you happy
It is the number of strangers
Ending up as friends on the dance-floor
It is forlorn faces that your beat lit-up
It is the eternal photographs
That you insert in people’s lives
It is hearts that reconcile
On account of your music
It is the number of couples
Renewing marital vows
In the name of your verses
It is ever-lasting memories
Of people who declared
Their love on the dance-floor
It is the number of couples
That return to the dance-floor
It is not how many
Dollars there are in your Rand
Or how lavish a house
You can afford to build
With the sales of copies
But how many houses
Has your poetry turned
Into loving homes
How many children
Has your music
Transformed into human beings…….

1.       Hamba Uzobuya::  Philemon Zulu (Zulu)       More Music Hits MMh2574
2.       Sentebale::  Boy Mokaeane – 1974 (Mokaeane)        Marabi Jive JM5067
3.       Ukuhlupheka:: Sannah Mnguni Nesimanjemanje (Sannah Mnguni) CBS AB284
4.       Mopotong:: Amazulu Amnyama - 1976 (S. Jibiliza) Smanje Smanje SJM186
5.       Keneng Omputsa:: Izintombi Zesi Manje Manje - 1980          (H. Nzimande)   HVN NZ397
6.       Mkudu Special Part 1:: Zomba Jazz Band – 1983 (J. Mashanyela/ L. Letosa/ J. Sibumbe / I. Mtshali / R. Phiri) soul.soul AB401
7.       Mkudu Special Part  2:: Zomba Jazz Band – 1983 (J. Mashanyela/ L. Letosa/ J. Sibumbe / I. Mtshali / R. Phiri) soul.soul AB401
8.       Rhodesian Bump No1:: Bucks and the Mighty Thorns – 1975  (Richard Buck Radebe) Bump7303
9.       If You're Ready No 2:: Bucks and the Mighty Thorns – 1975  (Richard Buck Radebe) Bump7303
10.   Joburg Music Men Part 1:: Sankie Chounyane and His Men – (Sankie Chounyane) 1977 A1Disco Records ANB404
11.   Joburg Music Men Part 2:: Sankie Chounyane and His Men – (Sankie Chounyane) 1977 A1Disco Records ANB404
12.   Sangoma Jive:: Amazulu Amnyama – 1976 (S. Jibiliza) smanje Smanje SJM186
13.   Vhohwala Khuni:: Rainbow Fairies and Jive Boys – 1977 (Khuni)        MaBob City MMB108
14.   Sandanezwe:: Mabuya Queens – 1975 (Maria Masina) Themba TBB437         
15.   Uyo Gcinaphi:: Mahotella Queens – 1972 (R. Bopape & M. Mankwane) Gumba Gumba MGG586
16.   Central Special:: Amakwaitos  (S. Tyalentyale) Ntu NTB709
17.   Sankatana:: Amazulu Queens – 1977 (C. Mhlongo) OW2004
18.   Gijimani:: Intombi Zephepha with Senzeni Bafana – 1971 (P. Zulu) SKB399
19.   Salani Yagiyani::  Matengu Sisters – 1978 (Leah Baloyi) WEA (TPM1081) ROOTS (ROS 400)
20.   Woyala Madelena:: Banda Six – 1981 (David Sitoe) Motella MO730
21.   Machembera:: Elias Banda with Jazz Afrique 73 – 1973 (Banda) Motella  MO.505      
22.   Weekend Special No 2:: Elias Banda with Jazz Afrique 73 – 1973 (Banda)  Motella  MO.505
23.   Ndiya Hamba:: Dlamini – 1972 (Dlamini) Star Black SKB453
24.   Elizana:: Star Flying Gazankulu – 1979 (F. Mkhonto) HB642
25.   Morena Boloka:: The Movers -1977 (Trad) RCB170

Office Party Part Two: MIXED


Office Party Part Two: SEPARATE TRACKS

Rapidshare here (coming)


  1. Thank you so much for this music. Your time and efforts are very much appreciated.

  2. I also really appreciate your work to share this wonderful music with us!

  3. Thanks as always, Chris!
    Really great poem too!

  4. thanks for these can't wait to dig in!

  5. These tracks look interesting to check out. I'm going to look up this music very soon.

  6. Tanks a lot from Barcelona! It's a good web

    Moltes gràcies

    Muchas gracias

  7. this is awesome mix
    thank you

  8. Hi there!! Hola from Madrid.
    You have a great and excellent blog with incredible music.
    Many thanks for let us to listen all this tunes.
    I was searching for Amakwaitos band, which appears in this compilation of yours. But i can't find anymore from that band.
    I saw in this web (link below) this Amakwaitos band has three tunes more.

    Maybe you've got those titles, or you know where i can find them.
    It will be a super gift for all of us.
    Many thanks in advance and a big hug.


  9. Thanks David - I will make a plan to include side B (with the title "1404") of that Amakwaitos single into one of my upcoming electric jive postings - I do not have other "Amakwaitos" recordings, but there is quite a bit that is similar. Best wishes from Durban

    1. Thanks Chris for your answer. I'm learning about south african music a lot with your posts. Nice nice music!!
      Big big hug.



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