Friday 19 March 2010

One for Charlie - Dudu Pukwana and the "Spears"

Special dedication to Charlie Gillett, who left us this week. This holy grail LP first appeared at Matsuli and was re-loaded by inconstant sol just this week.

For many years the very existence of this LP was doubted but matsuli uncovered a copy and made the share last year. At electricjive we found a second battered copy in December in Pretoria. This is the debut LP from Dudu Pukwana as a leader. Recorded in the UK in May 1969 and including Richard Thompson on guitar. For further reading on Dudu and his jazz compatriots The Blues Notes I suggest heading over to Mike Fowlers excellent Blue Notes website.

Dudu Pukwana and the Spears (Quality LTJ-S 232, 1969)
1. Pezulu (Way Up)
2. Thulula (Fill It Up)
3. Kuthwasi Hlobo (Spring)
4. Half Moon
5. Yima Njalo (Stick Around)
6. Kwa Thula (Thula’s Place)
7. Joe’s Jika (Joe’s Groove)
8. Nobovmu (Red Head)
9. Qonqoza (Knock)

Dudu Pukwana Discography


  1. I would be very interested to know the line-up on this record - apart from Dudu Pukwana and Richard Thompson. The sleeve says nothing, so a bit stuck here.

  2. Thanks - most enjoyable record.

    I haven't a copy of Boyd's autobiography White Bicycles to hand, but maybe it would shed some light on personnel?

    Thompson seems to be trying very hard not to sound like himself, and Boyd seems to be keeping him very low in the mix. But maybe that's as it should be on a session like this.

  3. "White Bicycles" liner notes:
    Church Mouse:
    Bass - Harry Miller
    Drums - Louis Moholo
    Guitar - Richard Thompson , Simon Nicol
    Saxophone [Alto] - Dudu Pukwana
    Trumpet [Pocket] - Mongezi Feza

    vriendelijke groeten

  4. This one went for $750 0n eBay recently !

  5. very year from 2000 to 2009, he compiled a world music double album, Gillett is one of the sans pareil singer in the popular music in England!

  6. One of the nicest South African jazz albums I ever heard

  7. long shot, but any chance for a re-up? cheers, MB

  8. New link up...

    1. No more Rapidshare :( Any chance of another link?

  9. superb! thanks, matt -MB

  10. Flatint lists a test pressing from the sessions for this album that includes four unreleased tracks. If I can be so bold as to make a request that those tracks are made available? That would be magnificent.

    And do you think there is any chance of this album, the additional promo-exclusive tracks, and the six 1961/62 78rpm Dudu/Blue Notes tracks being released on CD? It would make a fantastic compilation imo.

    Perhaps if we petition Joe Boyd, Barbara Pukwana, and Fledg'ling...

    I do like to dream.


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